Miracle Health Secrets Of Lemon You May Not Know

Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin-C. About 5 to 6% of lemon juice is citric acid which gives it the unique sour taste. About 64% of daily value of Vitamin-C can be met with 100 gm of lemon juice. Lemons contain a number of phytochemicals, including polyphenols, terpenes, and tannins. Lemons are rich in antioxidants that are powerful in curing many health conditions. Lemon also contain rich amounts of nutrients like calcium, potassium and pectin fiber.lemon-tree

A very healthy way of including lemons into your diet is to have warm water mixed with lemon juice as a first food in the morning. You can also squeeze lemon juices into foods like salads, curries, soups, juices etc. The zest of lemon can be used to add in many recipes to give a great flavor along with nutrition.

Some Miracle Health Secrets Of Lemon:

 1.Boosts immunity: Lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin-C. It is very essential to protect the body against immune system deficiencies. It prevents cardiac arrest and keeps the heart healthy. It also prevents eye diseases and skin wrinkling.Lemon-Juice (1)

2. Digestion: The pectin fiber contained in lemon juice is very beneficial for digestion. It prevents colon cancer and prostrate cancer. Pectin binds substances in the intestine and adds bulk to the stools. It also prevents diabetes.

3. Detoxification: Having warm water with lemon juice early in the morning flushes the toxins and detoxifies the body.

4. Prevents bacteria: Lemon juice is anti-bacterial and prevents the growth of disease causing bacteria.

5. Reduces inflammation: The acids present in the lemon juice prevents pain and inflammation in the joints and knees.

6. Relieves anxiety: Lemon balm can remove fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and tension. Inhaling lemon oil helps in increasing concentration and alertness.

7. Mouth ulcers:The antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemon juice can speed up the healing process of canker sores in the mouth. Squeeze a little lemon juice in lukewarm water and rinse mouth with this solution 3 times a day.

8. Controls acne: lemon_facialsDrinking warm water mixed with lemon juice is a great remedy for controlling acne too. It flushes the toxins and keeps the skin healthy. In addition to this, apply fresh lemon juice mixed with rose water and leave overnight. It kills the bacteria, deep cleanses, avoids excess sebum and also the vitamin-C boosts the skin health.

9. Mouth freshener: Lemon water controls bad breathe caused due to illness, smoking or oral unhygienic and freshens the mouth.

10. Weight reduction: The detoxifying properties of lemon water prevents bad cholesterol in the body and aids in the reduction of excess weight. The pectin fiber is helpful to control obesity.

11. Brain and nerve food: The high levels of potassium present in lemon juice helps the brain and nerve cells. It helps to improves concentration and memory. Lemon juice have a calming and soothing effect on mind.

12. Lemon zest: lemon-zest-curlsNever discard lemon peel. Every 100 grams of lemon peel has 134mg of calcium ,  160mg of potassium, 129mg of vitamin C, 10.6 grams of fiber. Lemon zest can prevent bone diseases, fight cancer, lower the cholesterol levels, neutralize the free radicals and improve skin condition. It can be added to salads, desserts or juices to give a rich flavor.

13. Controls high blood pressure: The potassium levels in lemon juice is a great remedy to prevent high blood pressure and the symptoms of dizziness or nausea.

14. Prevents kidney stones: Lemon-JuiceRegular consumption of lemon juice increases the production of urinary citrate, which is compound essential to prevent kidney stones. Lemon juice is also a natural diuretic, which is a good remedy for urinary inflammation.

15. Wash vegetables and fruits: The pesticides accumulated over the fruits and vegetables cannot be easily removed by washing with plain water. Squeeze a little lemon juice to the water and use it to wash your veggies or fruits before cutting them.

16. Treat dandruff: Lemon juice is a powerful remedy to treat dandruff. It kills the bacteria causing dandruff and regular use can avoid the recurrence of dandruff. Mix lemon juice and water in equal quantities and rub this gently over the scalp. Also apply to hair. Leave for 15 minutes before shampooing. It can also be used as a conditioner after shampooing.

17. Soften and lighten the elbows:How-to-Get-Rid-of-Dark-Elbows Rubbing a lemon half over the elbows and knees can remove the discoloration and lighten the skin. Alternatively, a little baking soda mixed with lemon juice can be used as a scrub and soften the skin on elbows.


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