Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses


Glasses are in rave these days. Agreed. Specially after the release of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, nerd became the new cool after she sported the thick framed glasses in the movie. Glasses are cool alright, but applying makeup in them, is not. And if you are the genuine glass-wearing girl with high power, it’s a huge bummer and we know the struggle really well. So here are some tips for you, which help you do your makeup flawlessly!

1. Play with bold lips

The reason why I’m starting with lips is, they will instantly brighten up your whole look, even if you leave your eyes bare when you’re feeling lazy to apply any makeup. So, be brave and play with bold lips like deep berry or wine shade lipsticks and if you’re medium to fair skin, hot pink lips are your jam. If you love glossy lips, don’t shy away! And if you’re looking for some matte or creamy lipsticks that serves the purpose, you can go with Revlon, which has got some brilliant wine shades and Nyx, ofcourse, rocks at the berry-burgundy shades! Get them here.

2. Let the eyes do the talking

Just because you’ve got some thick frame of glasses sitting on the bridge of your nose, doesn’t mean you can’t so the eye makeup. First thing, get big frames so you’ll have more room to work and next, play bold here as well. Don’t have to go along with the plain black eye liner. Use colors like navy blue, brown and learn to play with them. Curl your lashes before applying mascara. This will keep them away from getting in contact with glasses. Smokey eye will look smoking hot, choose some deeper shades of eye shadow to rock the look.

3. Frame frames you!

You know everything depends on the type of frame of the glasses right? So pay extra attention before choosing the frame of your glasses. Always make sure you’re getting a frame that compliments your face shape. Don’t shy away from bright colored frames, unless your workplace is quite professional and if you’re a college-going girl, what stops you? Go gaga!

4. Stick to matte

Unless you have really really and really dry skin, always stick to matte foundation. Because well, if you are using a creamy one, after few hours, it’s gonna get oily and your glasses will start sliding off constantly, which is quite annoying. In the case of matte ones, this won’t happen much. Also, choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin to hide your dark circles.

5. Be healthy inside out

Always check the expiry date of products, specially your eye makeup because infection are quite often and they are a hot mess. Always drink loads of water to keep yourself hydrated and this will flush the toxins out of your body. Banish the dark circles away because the glasses will cast a shadow, which will highlight your dark circles and make you look sick.

6. Experiment with colors

And this time, we talk about hair. Don’t be a plain jane! Try different haircuts and colors. A feathered cut with some dark brown highlights and bangs may be? You see haircuts play a major role in getting the look right so head out for the nearest salon!


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