How to Lighten Skin Naturally At Home

Well, IBT has been receiving requests for a post on skin lightening and finally we are posting this with several natural homemade face masks for making the skin brighter and fairer.

Dark is equally beautiful as fair, when the skin is healthy and glowing. Yet most of the women become darker as they age due to daily pollution, skin ageing and sun damage. And when you have big day nearer, it is very common that you want to make your skin fairer and smoother and be attractive than every one else  on your day.



While the retinoid creams, hydroquinone, retinaldehyde , glycolic acid and few other creams give good results for some skin types, the fact that these products are associated with side effects cannot be ignored. Even clinical treatments like skin resurfacing, dermabrasion or chemical peels work disasters when things go wrong while treating. These treatments need to be done with extreme care and caution and are often risky. Even the regular fairness lotions and moisturizers used daily can harm the skin on long usage. Skin complexion is not only fair or dark but it ranges various shades from fairest to darkest and each has its own beauty and unique benefits. Foundations, concealers and certain other makeup based products are available in different shades basing on skin complexion and sometimes they can be blended together to obtain the exact shade.

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The number of women are growing rapidly  who are intelligently switching their harmful chemical products and preferring natural d.i.y safe and effective methods. This is evident from the fact that browsing for natural skin lightening methods has rapidly and drastically grown according to certain surveys. Now women knew very well that skin care products however good results they give, they often lessen the skin’s natural texture and glow. The skin becomes weak and fragile and tends to appear aged out gradually, as the collagen underneath the skin gets damaged due to harsh chemicals.

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There are many natural methods to lighten the skin, yet few of them are proven through research and are widely  used in many skin care products. Some of those most effective ways to lighten skin naturally are below:-

1) Orange peel powder:- 

orange peel, fair skin


Orange peel powder is rich in skin beneficial nutrients. It penetrates deep into the pores and works as a natural cleanser.It tightens the skin and makes it look young. It removes the dead cells and makes the skin glow. Blood circulation is promoted by applying orange peel powder face mask and this gives the skin a fair tone to the skin. Regular use removes discoloration and sun tan and it also improves the skin complexion.

Mix 2 tbsp of orange peel powder in 4 tbsp of warm milk  and mix well to make a smooth semi solid consistency. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Again mix it well and apply over the face and neck. Leave for at least 15 minutes. Wash with plain water.

2) Lemon juice:- 

lemon skin lighten


Lemon juice has always proven to lighten the skin color. The acids present in the lemon juice removes the dead cells, skin discoloration, sun tan and all the blemishes. The rich vitamin-C boosts the collagen and makes the skin youthful and bright. Lemon juice has a natural bleach properties and improves skin complexion on regular use.

Squeeze half of a lemon to obtain juice. Apply this over the face and neck. Leave until it dries and wash with plain water. Slight tingling sensation is common due to highly active acids present in the lemon juice. Repeat once a day for best results.

3)Tomato and Oatmeal:-



Tomato is rich in antioxidants and vitamin-C. Tomato juice deep cleans the skin and removes dead cells and sun tan. Oatmeal is very powerful in making the skin brighter and healthier. This face mask gives the skin a nice glow and on regular use, improves the skin complexion. Skin gets less prone to sun damage by applying oatmeal.

Obtain tomato juice by running a tomato in a blender. Take half cup of oatmeal and run in a blender to make it a powder. Mix the tomato juice and oatmeal powder and add one tbsp honey to this mixture. Add little water if required, to make it into a semi solid consistency. Apply this over the face and neck. Leave for at least 15 minutes and wash with plain water. Repeat at least thrice in a week.

4) Raw Honey:-



Raw honey is collected straightly from the extractor without heating, pasteurizing and processing. It is as it is produced by the bees and as it exist in the beehive. Raw honey has a fine crystallized texture and has a milkier look. It may also contain particles. It is available on amazon and several other stores.

Raw honey does wonders on skin including:- controls acne, removes all blemishes, reduces the size of pores, cures hyperpigmentation, makes the skin bright and fairer. Skin’s pH levels are very important and responsible for skins health. Raw honey has a natural pH value of 4.5 which acts as a powerful cleanser and toner. Raw honey also contains rich gluconic acid which is responsible for improving skin complexion and also makes the skin look youthful.

Apply raw honey over the skin. Leave for at least 25 minutes and wash with plain water. It is the simplest method to attain fairer complexion naturally.

5) Barberry:-


Barberry root or bark powder is an ancient Indian secret which makes the skin fairer with a natural golden shade beneath the skin. It effectively reduces the pigments in the skin which are responsible for the dark color. Most popularly known as Maanu turmeric in India and available in the form of powder in Indian ayurvedic stores, this root or bark can work wonders on skin complexion. It is the age old secret used from the the times of Sushruta maharishi, by princesses to enhance their beauty and to make the skin fairer.

Take half tbsp of Barberry root or bark powder and add a little milk to it. Mix well to make the face mask. Apply all over the face and neck and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash with plain water. Repeat daily before bed for best results.

6) Papaya and Honey:-

Papaya-and-Honey-PackPapaya fruit is a source of nutrients such as provitamin A carotenoids, vitamin C, folate.Papaya skin, pulp and seeds also contain a variety of phytochemicals, including lycopene and polyphenols. So even the papaya skins are also powerful in making the skin brighter.

Mash a piece of ripe papaya to make a smooth paste. Add one tbsp of honey to it and mix well. Keep this paste in a refrigerator to make it cool. Apply this cold papaya paste over the face and neck. Leave for at least 15 minutes and wash with plain water. Repeat at least thrice a week.

7) Rose petals:-



Rose petals are powerful in retaining skin’s moisture. Rose petals have all the beauty enhancing properties and that’s the reason why most of the skin care products including facials contain rose extracts and no beauty regimen is complete without rose water. Rose petals paste or rose water immediately relieves the skin from sun burns and heals the skin quickly. With rich vitamin-C, it is a powerful antioxidant which prevents cell damage. Rose petals are very effective in making the skin fairer and brighter.

Separate petals from 1 or 2 rose flowers. Soak these petals in half cup of water for 30 minutes. Take out the petals from water and run in a blender to make a paste. Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and halp tbsp of honey to the rose petal paste and mix well. Apply this paste over the face and neck. Leave for at least 15 minutes. This face mask gives quick and best results if applied daily. The remaining face pack can be stored in refrigerator for later use.

8) Almond and Milk:-



Almonds are rich in vitamin B complex and vitamin E. Almonds are believed to improve skin complexion and texture since ages. The boost the collagen and preserves the elasticity of the skin keeping it smooth and supple. Applying this highly nutritious almond face mask topically on regular basis can give your skin an incandescent brighter look.

Soak a hand full of almond in very hot water for 4-5 hours or over night. Peel off the skins once they are soaked well. Grind them in a blender by adding a little milk to make a smooth paste. Almonds can also be made into fine powder and stored which can be instantly mixed in milk or water to make the face mask.

Apply this paste over the face and neck. Leave for at least 15 minutes and wash with plain water.

9) Strawberries:-



The rich contents of vitamin-C in strawberries act as great antioxidants which can keep the skin healthy and brighter. Strawberries are powerful skin lighteners and also removes all the blemishes. Beauticians recommend strawberry face mask to control acne, remove sun tan and to improve the skin complexion.

Make a smooth paste of 3-4 strawberries by running in a blender. Apply this paste over the face and neck. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash with water. Repeat at least three times a week.



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