How to Get Perfectly Glossy Lips That Last All Day Long

Grooming yourself is never complete without those perfectly glossy and shiny lips to complement all the make-up. And who doesn’t wish for the glossiness to last all day long so you don’t have to keep applying your gloss every hour? Here’s a five step tutorial that can not only get you those gorgeously glossy lips but also make them last for a very long time.

Step 1 : Remove the dead skin cells on your lips
There are always a whole lot of dead skin cells on lips, especially when they’re prone to getting chapped. These cells are to be removed by rubbing the lips with cotton dipped in hot water or by brushing the lips with a toothbrush. This helps render the soft, under layer of the lips.

Step 2 : Apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly onto the lips
To make the moisture retain and prevent them from getting chapped later on, we then apply some petroleum jelly onto the lips. Make sure that you apply just enough petroleum jelly to make them soft. Not less, not too much.

Step 3 : Apply a Lip balm of a flavor of your choice
Applying a lip balm on the jelly is the next step. It is really important that you choose the same colour or atleat the nearest possible shade as the lip gloss that you want to apply later. Lip balm acts like a foundation for the lip gloss and hence we should make sure that the layer of lip balm is thick and spread out to perfection so that the gloss lasts long after we apply it.

Step 4 : Apply the gloss
The final step to getting those glossy lips is to apply the gloss of your favourite color. Apply the gloss carefully such that it spreads out through the lips. If you’d like to have a more defined contour to the lip color, a liner can be used around the lips to make sure it doesn’t spread out. The gloss stays on for a longer time due to the balm beneath it and shines through the day.

And that’s all it takes to have the most enviably glossy lips that can make you look groomed and fresh through to the end of your work day!


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