How to do Cat eye, Dewy eyes and Smokey Eye : Makeup Diaries


If you ask a person what’s the most attractive trait about a girl, you’re likely to hear it is her beautiful eyes or gorgeous smile. And when it comes to eyes, can you think of anything that’s better than expressive eyes? No, right? Also, wearing a basic eyeliner is so boring, isn’t it? So to get those brilliant cat eye or the barely there liner and dewy lids, or the smokey eye, here is the guide, step by step.

1. The Cat Eye

Cat eye is in vogue now so you need to master it ASAP. The difference it will make will blow your mind. It will give you an instant retro and glam look ! Here are the steps.

Step 1 : Clean you face and wipe it dry. Apply primer on the entire eye area. Wait for a minute or two till the primer dries. Apply concealer underneath the eye and even on the eyelid area to neutralize any darkness. Blend well.

Step 2 : Now apply your favorite eye shadow in a thin layer. Again, blend well. Now take the eyeliner. (Pencil works best if you are a beginner). Start from the end of the eyelid, draw a line towards your eyebrow. Keep the length in mind. Now draw a triangle, connecting the first line to the upper lash line with another line. Fill it in.

Step 3 : Now slowly connect that triangle with a simple line, towards the inner lid. Let the eyeliner dry. Apply your favorite mascara and you’re good to go.

Tip : Usually the challenge lies in the balancing of the liner of both eyes. So if you happen to mess it up, don’t panic and start over again. Instead, use a Q tip and correct it using vaseline.

cat-eye-tutorial2. Bare minimal

Remember ladies, simplicity is the key, if you know where to use it and how. So to go all au natural and dewy eyed beauty, follow these steps.

Step 1 : This is more like a beauty tip but is essential for the dewy-eyed look. Apply a hydrating mask- like aloe vera or cucumber, that will moisturize and prevent any dryness or dullness.

Step 2 : Apply primer to the eye area. Wait till it dries to apply the concealer. Take your favorite in a nude shade. See that there isn’t any sort of shimmer in it. Apply on the upper eyelid and blend well.

Step 3: Take your mascara and apply sparingly. Curling them before applying the mascara would help too. You can line your inner lash line for a thicker and lush appearance of your lashes and that will look perfectly well.

dewy-eyed-look3. The Smokey eye

Smokey eye is the perfect choice for a date night, evening parties and events at night time. Although considered tough, this is actually the easiest of all the looks. Here are the steps!

Step 1 : Clean out your eye area (Yeah, I see you get tired to look at this suggestion but start out everything clear) Apply primer and concealer. Blend them well. See that the eye area is smooth and creaseless.

Step 2 : Use your favorite eye shadow. Preferably darker colors. But make sure you have two shades at least, one in dark shade and other light. Start with the inner eyelid, apply the lighter color and go towards the outer region. As you reach the outer lid area, use the darker shade of the eyeshadow and use it forming a wing, blend it with the lighter shade.
Step 3 : Apply a thin flick of liner if you wish to, or just end it with your favorite mascara and you’re ready for the party.




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