Home Remedies For Tooth Sensitivity

Some people have the habits of opening bottle lids, cutting threads, biting nails, crushing hard stuff etc., using teeth and they are not aware that they are making their teeth susceptible to many dental problems. On of the first symptom of dental issues is the damage to enamel over the tooth. This leads to an electric stinging sensation on one or more teeth when hot or cold foods are taken. It causes a great discomfort and also lasts long. Tobacco chewing, alcohol and carbonated beverages are also major culprits causing damage to tooth enamel. When a tooth is treated with some bruises or injuries, it develops sensitivity.


Tooth sensitivity may be permanent and persistent. It may be continuous or may appear only occasionally. Tooth sensitivity is often painful but can be reversed with simple tips listed below:-

1) Peppermint:- Chewing a few peppermint leaves will relieve the painful sensitivity. Peppermint oil also has the characteristics of reducing pain, inflammation and also have antiseptic properties. Dab a drop of peppermint oil over a small cotton ball and place it over the sensitive tooth  and leave it for few minutes. Drink lukewarm water. If you are away from home and need quick relief, try a cough drop such as vicks or halls or even a center fresh chewing gum which contains menthol. It relieve your pain to a great extent and makes you ready for the day.


2)Eucalyptus Oil:- Eucalyptus Oil has pain relieving and anti inflammatory properties. Dab a drop of pure Eucalyptus oil over a small cotton ball and place it over the sensitive tooth for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Eucalyptus Oil

3)Brandy:- A cotton ball soaked in a little brandy when placed over the sensitive tooth will make the area numb and relieve from extensive pain due to sensitivity.

4)Desensitizing tooth paste:-  Stop using regular tooth pastes, particularly whitening or fluoridated tooth pastes. Switch to the desensitizing tooth pastes such as Sensodyne which are meant for sensitive tooth.

5)Salt Water:- Mix 1-2 tbsp salt in warm water. Fill a sip of it in your mouth so that the solution touches the sensitive tooth and hold for 1-2 minutes and rinse. Repeat for few times a day. The warm salt water treats the nerve swelling and relieves pain.

6)Onion:- Chew a piece of onion with the sensitive tooth or place a little onion paste over it for few minutes. This will relieve sensitivity and pain.


7)Garlic:- Garlic is a good remedy to cure tooth sensitivity. Crush a garlic clove, mix a little salt in it and mix well. Place a small quantity of this mixture over the affected tooth and leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Garlic cloves …

8)Cloves:- Cloves are best and ancient remedy to treat tooth issues. Crush 1-2 cloves to make it a powder. Mix a little ghee or vegetable oil in it to make a paste. Place a little quantity of this paste over the affected teeth. Leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse with warm water.


9)Guava Leaves:- Guava leaves are used from ages to fight tooth issues. It is an effective remedy for all kind of oral problems. Take a few tender guava leaves and crush them to make a paste. Apply a little quantity of this paste over the sensitive tooth. Leave for few minutes. Repeat it for several times a day. You can also make a mouth wash by boiling crushed tender guava leaves in a cup of water and adding a pinch of salt. This mouth wash can also be used to treat tooth sensitivity.

10) Arnica Oil:- Arnica Oil is a natural must have first aid kit at home. It provides immediate relief for many problems. It relieves the tooth sensitivity and tooth pains caused due to crack or decay. Dab 2 drops of arnica oil on a small cotton ball and place it over the affected tooth. Leave for few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Apart from these remedies remember to–

  • use a soft bristle brush and brush very gently.
  • use a straw for drinking hot or cold drinks.
  • cut off alcohol, soda, smoking and chewing tobacco
  • not to use your teeth to do hard things. Treat them with care and caution.


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