Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

If you are ever tired of unruly curly or wavy hair and love to have a super straight hair, you may want to go for a hair treatment that makes your hair smooth and straight. Straight hair is easy to manage when compare to curly or frizzy hair. Today it is very easy to change the texture of your hair using certain chemical processes and certain special tools.

straight hair

In general there are three techniques used for making the hair smooth and straight.  They are hair rebonding, hair straightening and keratin hair smoothing.

Hair Rebonding involves the use of certain strong chemicals. As the name implies, the procedure involves in breaking and rearranging the bonds to make the hair straighter and smoother. It gives a permanent solution for managing highly unruly and curly hair. It requires high maintenance. The entire process takes about 5-6 hours to complete. This method suits for thick and unmanageable hair. Hair rebonding in India costs about Rs.8000 to 10,000.

Hair Straightening is a simple way to straighten the hair using instruments like flat iron. Chemical hair straightening is also done with the use of chemical hair relaxing agents. Hair straightening is temporary. Make sure you won’t get confused hair rebonding with hair straightening.

Keratin Hair smoothing is for wavy hair and straight hair with frizzy textures. This treatment is to remove the frizzes and make the hair smooth and shiny. It makes the hair more manageable, soft and gives a natural straight look. When compared to rebonding and straightening procedures, hair smoothening is less damaging and gives a more natural appearance. This is why this method has become more popular today. The results lasts for 2-3 months. Depending upon the length of your hair, the cost ranges between Rs.4000-8000.

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Keratin Treatment Process:

Keratin treatment, Brazilian treatment are the more popular terms that fall under this category. Keratin is a protein that your hair naturally contains. The process takes about 2 hours or more.

  • First the hair is washed, conditioned and blow dried.
  • A keratin hair-straightening product is applied to your hair section by section to every strand.
  • The keratin treatment chemicals lifts the cuticle layers of the hair so that it is penetrated into the hair. It is responsible for making the hair straight.
  • After 20-30 minutes, the chemical is washed off properly using plain water.
  • Hair is properly blow dried. Once the hair is completely dry, it is carefully ironed section by section with a good quality flat iron to seal the effects of the keratin treatment.
  • Sometimes it is followed by applying another cream to further seal the smoothening effects of keratin treatment. It is usually washed after 10-20 minutes and blow dried/ironed.
  • You are advised not to tie, pin or wash your hair for at least 3 days. After 3 days, you are supposed to visit the salon forth first hair wash. Now you can wash your hair for every 2-3 days with a sulfate-free shampoo.liquid-keratin-before-and-after1

Side effects keratin treatment: 

  • The main chemical usually a keratin treatment contains is formaldehyde which is a carcinogen.
  • It can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, and upper respiratory tract problems.
  • Even those labeled as formaldehyde-free contained the chemical in it, which was revealed in an investigation.



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