Hair Care Tips Before Your Wedding Day

Getting married is the secret dream of every Indian girl. From the time a girl is born in to a family, she is taught that she has to leave her house and go to another household dressed as a beautiful bride. Every girl dreams of looking fabulous on her wedding, after all, it’s a once in a lifetime event!

Until a few years back, all girls used to get their hair tied in to a neat bun and cover the head with a dupatta, but now things have changed. Nowadays it is a trend to get your hair styled at the salon for the D-day. The Hair do and makeup are as important as the costume one wears. If the hairstyle does not match with the makeup or the dress, the bride would look like a complete mismatch.



One must take extra care of the hair few days before the wedding so that they don’t look dull and lifeless on the wedding day. Here are some hair care tips to follow before your wedding day:

  • A hair spa is a must to de-stress and replenish the moisture in the hair.

hair spa

  • Avoid going in the sun unless absolutely necessary. Always wear a scarf while stepping out.

indian sccarf for head

  • Condition and oil your hair as often as possible.


oil hair



  • Hair color should be renewed a month before. The extra time you get will soften your style a bit, so it looks more natural.
  • Don’t get your hair done too early on your wedding day and don’t wear it pulled back too tightly, since it might hurt your scalp and cause a headache if you wear a tight up do for a long time.
  • Get your hair trimmed few weeks before the wedding date to neaten up your tresses and get rid of the spilt ends. Get an opinion from more than one stylist and decide the best h that suits you.




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