Gorgeous Amy Jackson Shares Her Beauty Secrets

The gorgeous British model and Indian actress Amy Jackson shared her beauty and fitness mantra. This stunning beauty has become Bollywood’s most desirable sweetheart in no time. It is no wonder that Amy has won the beauty pageants with her porcelain skin and hourglass figure. Thanks to A.L.Vijay for introducing this ‘English woman with Indian looks’, through his Tamil film Madarasapattinam.amy-jackson


Amy Jackson’s natural beauty tips:

Amy Jackson posted a pic of her own in Instagram with her favorite Frank coffee scrub over her face. Coffee grounds can be used to scrub away dead skin to reveal the new, healthy skin underneath, whereas chemical exfoliates remove skin cells with enzymes or acidic properties. This is a great natural beauty recipe that keeps Amy’s skin super glowing.


Amy Jackson’s Makeup:

Amy keeps her make-up as minimal as possible. She usually uses a tinted moisturizer rather than a heavy foundation base. She prefer cream blushes instead of powder ones. She finishes her makeup with a waterproof mascara, kohl and a soft lip color.amy jackson

She exfoliates her face with a scrub every five days. She says that investing in a light cleanser, toner and moisturizer does the trick. “I like to wear my hair healthy. Get a good dose of Vitamin E.” says Amy.

Amy takes care to carry spare clothes with her, to keep herself super fresh always.

Amy Jackson’s diet:amy jackson

Amy Jackson does not follow any particular diet. She ensures that she eats in moderation instead. She makes sure that she drinks enough water.

She drinks one liter of water soon after she woke up in the mornings and she spends swimming for at least one hour. Amy says that it is the secret of her slim build.

In the mornings, she eats either scrambled eggs or porridge with a plate full of fruit.

For lunch, she eats either grilled chicken/fish, boiled potatoes, and steamed veggies.

Then for dinner she goes for a bowl of homemade soup and salad.

amy jackson
Amy loves to eat too much of anything she loves on Sundays.

— “I like to keep it light and I try to eat before 7:00 pm. If I feel hungry in between meals I munch a few almonds and bananas,” Amy says, “Sunday is a pig out day for me and I love to eat too much of anything I love..! ”

amy jackson

“My tummy stays relatively flat and firm without much effort. I think that’s to do with horse riding from a very young age, and the posture you have to always maintain” she says.

Amy’s exercise regime:

Amy doesn’t stick to a particular type of workouts. Instead she changes her workouts each week. She says that by doing so she wont get bored of the same workout and that her body wont get used to certain training method.

She meets her trainer every other day and do functional training with her. When it is not possible to exercise due to her work schedules, she does yoga, dance, swimming or jogging.amy jackson

“Romance is in the air. I can only remember Kerala last July. It was twilight, we were on a houseboat cruising up the river, listening to music and watching the rain beat down.” Amy said.


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