How To Get The Dewy Fresh Face Look

Don’t we all love that dewy face? The one that glows and looks like a lily? We all dream that, don’t we? To help you folks out, Here are the makeup guide that will give you that beautiful radiance!

1. Start with a proper base

And no, we are not talking about foundation! We’re talking about Primer, which we all ignore. So better not do that if you want a perfect finish of your dewy face look.  Start with a good primer. And we suggest you opt for Bio oil, which is enriched with Vitamin E and helps in the improving the texture of skin, making it smooth and radiant looking. Buy it here! 

bio-oil-as-primer2. Choose the right foundation

Choosing the right foundation is important because that’s what defines how your look’s gonna be! So if you want the dewy fresh face, stay away from the matte bases. Instead, choose the creamy ones. These creamy bases will help you get the natural shine without looking all caked up. And after you’re done blending the foundation in the right way, keep the powder away, because that will mattify the look which is what we’re trying to avoid here! (Shop for foundations HERE)foundation-for-face3. Choose lip tint / creme instead of lipstick

Lipstick would be an overkill here. We’re trying to create a fresh faced look so lipstick won’t blend into the look much. Go for lip tint or lip creme, which is a better and less intense version of lipsticks. They are lighter and gives a very natural look compared to lipsticks. But if you want proper coverage, you can choose the lipstick, but make sure they are creamy, not matte. (BUY HERE)

lip-tint-for-dewy-look4. Eye makeup for the Dewy Face

Less is more when it comes to the dewy face look, ladies. Choose a kickass mascara (BUY HERE), which will give you both volume and length. Try in Maybelline, especially the Volum Express’ the falsies, which is pretty good with the volume, length and they even help with curling of your eyelashes. So you don’t have to be bothered with curling them. You can go for a stroke of kajal without any doubt. Eyeliner is fine too, but the thinner, the better. Choose a super glossy eyeshadow (BUY HERE) and if you don’t have one, just go for one in the nude shade. Apply it evenly on your eyelids and now apply a bit of vaseline in the middle of your lids. This will make your eyes look super sexy and glossy.

nude-eye-makeup5.Take good care of yourself

Doesn’t matter if you are a pro at makeup, you wont nail the look if you aren’t healthy inside out. It is essential to take good care of yourself. Like eating enough amount of food that is high in proteins and nutrients, and a lot of citrus fruits (I just can’t stress enough on this point). Drink loads of water. Exercise regularly and cut out the junk food. Exfoliate regularly, while keeping the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine intact.


. . .  A last word,

       We all want to be like that model on that fashion magazine. She looks flawless, with her perfect skin and body, looking all.radiant and shiny. But remember, she wears a lot of makeup, there are many touch ups between the shots and the biggest tool, photoshop is there! So don’t run behind those false standards and disappoint yourself. You’re perfect you know ?



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