Exclusive Secrets Of Diet And Fitness By Celebrity Nutritionist

Kimberly Snyder is a nutritionist and yoga instructor whose high profile clients include most of the celebrities from Hollywood. She is extremely responsible in keeping her celebrity clients fit and beautiful. Here are some exclusive food secrets of diet and fitness shared by this celebrity nutritionist. Check what she actually does to stay fit and in shape.

She follows with a self-yoga practice for about an hour and a half. She practices Kriya Yoga on regular basis and she says that it is a major secret to stay so confident and beautiful from inside. Snyder starts every morning with hot water and lemon, as she advise all my clients and readers to do! “It’s a great way to start the day. Lemons support liver tissue, and are full of enzymes and vitamin C, while the hot water helps relax your stomach and promotes cleansing”, she says.

When she is hungry the first thing she prefer is her Glowing Green Smoothie (recipe from THE BEAUTY DETOX POWER), made of fresh green leafy vegetables. She avoids caffeine in the morning. She says that the green smoothie is full of fiber and keeps her full and energetic for hours.

She is a great fruit lover and she prefer eating loads of fruits as mid morning snacks. She prefer eating various fruits daily, such as mango, blueberries, bananas, pineapple etc.

lunch“For lunch she prefer veggies and salads. When she is in a busy schedule she just eats an oil-free veggie salad. She includes cabbage, kale, avocado and greens in her diet.

After two hours of having lunch, she sips a smoothie made with coconut water, banana and bee pollen (buy from here).She loves chocolates. She says that the anti-oxidant rich dark chocolates give her energy and makes her feel full.

dinnerFor her dinner varies, but there is always a raw, enzyme and fiber-filled salad component to start off the meal. She includes mushrooms and veggies and salads. She loves vegan ethnic food. She love to eat Thai, Ethiopian and Indian foods. Paru’s Indian vegetarian restaurant is one her faves in Los Angeles.

At night, she usually a smoothie made with a mix of almond milk, cardamom, saffron, and some raw honey or coconut nectar.

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