How to Curl Hair with Curling Iron

How To Curl Hair with a Curling Iron:


Step-by-step Guide:

1) Choose a right curling iron. If you want loose curls or beach waves you need a curl iron with barrel size of 1-2 inch diameter. If you are thinking of tight curls, pick a curl iron of 0.75 to 1 inch thick barrel.

2) Set the heat into right temperature for your hair texture. If your hair is fine and fragile, keep the heat at 200 degrees. If your hair is a bit curly or coarse, set it at 300 degrees. Always keep the temperature below 400 degrees for any hair texture.

3) Prepare the hair by washing it with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Use a heat protectant hair spray before you curl your hair.

4) Divide dry hair into several manageable sections.

5) Carefully wrap each section around the barrel starting at the roots and hold for few seconds. Remove the curled hair from the barrel.

6) Repeat curling each section.

7) When you have done with all the sections, gently finger comb the hair from root to tips.

8) Mist the hair with a hairspray.

# If your hair is not able to hold the curls, roll up each curled section after removing from the barrel and secure it with a bobby pin and use hair spray to hold it. Release the rolled up sections after the entire hair is curled and is completely cooled.

# Never curl the hair when it is damp or wet.

# Clean your curl iron before and after every use.


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