College Girl Hairstyles That Are Trending This Season

With a whole lot of celebrities and the rest of the normal folk experimenting with their hair, it’s time to bid good bye to all the old hair styles and try out some excitingly new hair styles this academic year. Here are some of the best college girl hairstyles of this season as we’ve listed out.
1. Let your hair down into waves
Leaving your hair down and loose with some really prettily done up beach waves is the best way to wear your hair this season. Most of us are blessed with natural waves that can be got simply by curling hair on the comb or fingers. But sometimes, when we want thicker, longer lasting waves, a curling iron should be used.

hairstyles_for_college_girlsindian_college_girls_hairstyles indian_teengaer_hairstyles

2. Don the Plait
Plaiting your hair has never been in vogue the way it is this season. Although it takes up quite a bit of time to get that perfectly woven plait, for all the good that it does, it’s totally worth it. Weave up your hair into a messy plait woven to a side or a fishtail plait or a French plait to nail the fashion game and look your best along with that.

3. Go Fringing
If you’d go as far as getting a hairstyle for your college year, try out getting some fringe to fall on your forehead, as that’s not just going to make you look completely pretty, but is also make you stay in tune trends. For It’s all about the fringe this season. If you have a relatively larger forehead, go ahead and chop off your tresses into some lengthy bangs to make you look cutesy.


4. Tie it up into a sleek and shiny pony
The long and sleek ponytail is yet another hairstyle that you’ve got to try out this season as it seems to be a hot favourite with celebrities as well as the rest of the normal folk these days. Tying your hair up into a pony is especially perfect for those days when you want to look your professional best.

rakulpreet_ponytail_hairstylebollywood_actress_high_ponytail rakul_preet_ponytail
5. Dare to Bob
Ever since Kangana, Parineeti and Anushka Sharma made bob the new cool, there have been a lot of city-folk who’ve tried it and we must say that this totally futuristic, urbane look is something that we totally love!

Selena-Gomez_-bob-hairstyle indian_actress_bob_hairstyles

6. Knot it up
Knotting is always the best way to make the best hairstyle out of that little time that you usually have before you rush to the college. The right twists and turns can make your knot into a perfectly done hairdo also adding a good amount of elegance to it. Also, knotting your hair up can really be one of the most comfortable ways to wear your hair especially if it’s the frizzy, not-very-obedient kind.




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