Cinnamon and Honey Pimple Treatment

Cinnamon(Dalchini) and honey are two traditional remedies for bacterial and fungal infections. Cinnamon is one of the effective herbal extracts used in the treatment of acne. There are three major properties of cinnamon that makes it useful in acne treatment. These are its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Honey is also a very potent natural acne remedy. It has a strong antibacterial effect too, and its soothing effect can counteract any irritation caused by cinnamon.Cinnamon and honey mask is an age old Indian secret of naturally curing pimples.




What is needed?

  1. Cinnamon powder
  2. Lemon juice or Honey




  1. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder to few drops of lemon juice or a little honey
  2. Mix thoroughly to attain a paste-like consistency
  3. Apply directly on the pimple and leave it overnight
  4. It cures your pimple faster without leaving a mark

Tip: Be sure that you won’t apply this paste on broken pimple or chapped skin.

*Remember that all skin types are unique and the tips may work well for some people while it won’t work for some others. But since it is all natural ingredients, they won’t harm you like chemicals do*


  1. effective… it also adds a glow to the face… but i really wanted to know how to remove pimples marks… please suggest. thank you.


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