Castor Oil for Beauty : 10 Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin and Hair

An age-old remedy for nearly every problem that there is, castor oil is one of nature’s gifts to the human kind. To say the least, it can do wonders to your hair and skin and transform them to perfection.


Extracted out of castor oil seeds, it is made of a plethora of fatty acids some of which are Ricinoleic acid and Oleic acid. These acids are responsible for most of the health and beauty benefits that castor oil carries with it.
Here are some of the most effective beauty benefits of castor oil listed out..,
Treats Skin from Sun-burn

One of the biggest problems that skin is subject to is sunburn. It leaves tan and marks on the skin also making it dry and lifeless. Occasional treatment with castor oil has proven to be an effective treatment against sun burn.
Heals the Skin from a Host of Infections
Skin infections aren’t easy to beat. They spread quickly and cause some great damage to the skin. Castor oil, with its anti-microbial properties helps rid of such stubborn skin infections which also lead to acne sometimes. What’s more, it also helps remove all the marks and scars that these infections often leave on the skin.
Helps Heal the Hair from Drying of Scalp and Dandruff
Among all the benefits that castor oil can have upon your hair, the best is that it can fight drying up of the scalp and thereby prevent dandruff. Itching and inflammation that often result along with dandruff and scalp infections can be alleviated by a great amount with the use of castor oil.

Helps in the Growth of Hair

Castor oil, with all the nutrients that it’s got helps speed up the growth of hair. It majorly does so by providing hair with all the nourishment that it needs along with de-clogging the hair follicles which are often the result of hair fall and slower hair growth.
Keeps the Skin Healthy by Slowing the Ageing Process

Skin, like the rest of the body, ages and while we can’t prevent this, we can slower the process by regularly massaging it with castor oil. It helps slower the formation of wrinkles and scars and restores a youthful glow to the skin. This makes the skin look younger and healthier.
Helps keep the Lips from Chapping and getting De-colored

There are a whole of things that could affect the texture and color of the lips. Winters, constant smoking or any deficiency, when causes the lips to chap or change color, castor oil proves to be a wonderful remedy. It restores a glossy texture to the lips and gets them back their pinkish glow.

Helps Smooth Cracked Heels

Dealing with cracked heels has never been easy. They seem to smoothen just after every pedicure and almost immediately get back to normal. Application of castor oil to the cracked heels however, can change things for you. Leave a bit of castor oil on your dried up heels every night before you sleep and this can lead to a definitive smoothness eventually.
A great Remedy for Stretch Marks

Getting rid of stretch marks that form on the skin as a result of pregnancy or sudden weight loss through liposuction or some such other means is a heinous task. Castor oil can help greatly with stretch marks. Regular application of castor oil on your stretch marks will gradually but surely fade them out.


Thickens Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Thick eyebrows and eyelashes are what every woman wishes for as we know how they are capable of transforming the entire face by adding a dash of prettiness to the face. Ancient Egyptians have been known to apply castor oil onto their eyelashes and eyebrows for this very purpose – a practice that is followed even today.
To Heal Brittle Nails
For you to try out all that awesome nail art that’s trending this season, it’s really important that your nails are healthy. Brittle nails and chipping of the nails are a problem that nearly everyone faces. Castor oil is perhaps the only remedy there to heal this problem. Rubbing castor oil onto and around your nails once in a while can render them soft and pretty.


And these are all the benefits that castor oil can bestow upon only your skin and hair. It’s got a plethora of health benefits as well. As you use castor oil on a regular basis, you’d be surprised at all the benefits that are unfolded from it.



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