Carrot Juice – The Magical Beauty Potion

The health and beauty benefits of carrot juice are widely recognized through the world and we’ve had our doctors, dieticians and beauticians remind us of the same nearly every day. So what exactly are these benefits of carrot juice that has led it to become something of a magical beauty potion? We researched on the very same thing and listed out all the facets in which carrot juice can make you more beautiful.


Here are some of the beauty benefits of carrot juice listed out.

Helps Control Acne

Carrot juice is rich in essential oils and with all those essential oils, it controls the formation of acne. If acne is a persistent problem that you’ve not been able to get rid of, a glass of carrot juice a day can help destroy the acne by a great deal.

Reduces the Drying up of Skin

Carrot with its essential oils is a great way to keep the skin moistened and prevent dryness. The Vitamins present in it keep the skin hydrated and moistened. This in turn keeps the skin healthy and shiny eventually if we make it a part of our diet.

Fights Eczema, Dermatitis and Rashes

Most of the commonly occurring skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis are all a result of a severe lack of Vitamin A. Since carrot juice is rich in Vitamin A, it helps prevent such diseases. When a person who’s been inflicted with diseases drinks carrot juice on a regular basis, it is likely that he gets cured of them.


Slows Ageing
Ageing is a process that is caused by the loss of elasticity of the skin. This in turn is caused by a lack of collagen, the firming and tightening protein of the skin. Carrot juice helps restore a good amount of collagen into the skin and thereby renders the skin tight, wrinkle-free and hence, youthful.

Helps fight Sun Burn

Sun burn is a very commonly prevailing problem for people living in tropical countries like India and fighting it is a constant struggle. Although many of us prefer using external remedies for sunburn, dietary changes can help combat it as well and carrot juice, with an abundance of beta-carotene in it is a sure-shot remedy that works against sun burn.

Good for Strengthening the Hair and Nails

With all the Vitamin A that it contains along with a host of other nutrients, carrots are great for not just bone health but also for the strength of the hair and nails. It helps keep the hair healthy and strong preventing hair fall. Nail problems like brittle nails and chipping can also be fought by consuming carrot juice on a regular basis.

Helps Heal Scars left by External Wounds
Sometimes, scars that are left on the skin through external wounds take a whole lot of time to heal. Pimples and acne when healed also leave some really ugly-looking scars on the skin. While they always heal owing skin’s cell regeneration property, to hasten up this process, carrot juice helps by a great deal. This is because of the beta-carotene that is present in carrot juice which helps with a faster cell regeneration and skin renewal.

Help keep the Eyes Healthy


Eyes, the windows to the soul, are often what majorly contribute in a making a person look good. For the eyes to be beautiful however, they should be healthy. The benefits that carrot juice has on our eyes have been widely known since a very long time. And since healthy eyes are beautiful eyes, that’s one other way in which carrot makes us beautiful.
Now that you know the big secret to keep your skin glowing, it’s about time to make carrot juice a part of your diet!


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