Busting 6 Makeup Myths : The Makeup Diaries

  1. Makeup Causes breakouts

Ah, the one we’ve been hearing this one since ages and ages. This makeup myth is so ancient! So let’s start out list by busting it first. Makeup doesn’t cause breakouts. I repeat, it doesn’t. What causes breakouts is the hygiene with which you use your makeup. Not cleaning your brushes frequently, not checking the expiry dates of the products, not removing makeup properly, this causes acne and breakouts. Therefore, don’t blame the makeup. Blame your poor hygienic habits!

acne-makeup-myth2. Primer isn’t needed if you can blend your makeup well

Noo. Just No. Don’t ever believe in this myth. Primer is very very essential to establish an even and proper base. It is very important to apply primer before you go for foundation. It not only ensures the even and smooth application but also helps your foundation stay longer. So next time, don’t skip foundation for anything.

primer-makeup-myth3. Red lipstick is not for everyone

Oh come on, what sort of garbage makeup myth is this?  Red lipstick is for everyone! You just have to get the shade that matches you properly. Check the undertones and see if they match you. Use the tester products before purchasing it and never ever go blindly for the product just by seeing it on the label or the bullet. And ideally for Indian skin tones, Red lipsticks with blue and brown undertones look fab!

red-lipstick-makeup-myth4. Oily skinned people don’t need moisturizers

This is so bad! Skin care is for everyone. Be oily, dry or mixed skin, moisturizing and hydrating skin is always important. It is a compulsory task if you want your skin to be glowy and healthy. So don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t need moisturizing because of oily skin. However, pay attention to the kind of moisturizer that you take. Don’t go for the oil based ones. Always choose the light and moisture based one for your skincare needs. Makeup myth #4 busted!

moisturizers-makeup-myth5. Match foundation to your wrist :  A makeup myth

Nope. not cool at all. Most of us do this. We go to the makeup store to try the foundation and what do we do? We try to match it our wrist, which is wrong. Always try the foundation to your jawline. If the shade of the foundation you chose blends up into your skin well, it is the right shade. If you had to blend it with your fingers into your skin to look natural, is not your shade. However, we might not always find the exact shade of your skin in all brands all the time so  if you get a shade that’s more or less your skin shade, go for it.

foundation-makeup-myth6. Concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your skin

Just one word. Don’t. The closer shade it is to your skin, the better. Concealer that matches your skin will help you cover everything properly and the foundation will help to mask things up successfully. But don’t ever go to something that’s a shade lighter, it gives a cakey appearance and if your dark circles are that bad, just go with color corrector. Makeup myth #6 busted!



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