Beauty Benefits of Lemon Juice

With all the innumerable benefits that lemon has to bestow upon us, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that lemon is one of nature’s gift to the human kind. Before you take our advice and start drinking lemon juice every morning, read on to find out all the beauty benefits of lemon and its juice that we’ve listed out for you just so you know how helpful it can really be for your body.

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Helps with weight loss :

Lemon juice has been working miracles in aiding weight loss for a long time now. This is because a glass of lemon juice helps quicken the metabolism of the body. It also has very less number of calories – an estimated 25 calories. A glass of warm lemon water mixed with honey when taken every morning can do great benefit for the body.

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Helps render great skin:

Lemon helps get you great skin. Whether you rub a piece of lemon over your skin or drink lemon water regularly, it keeps your skin wrinkle-free, acne-free and glowing. It also slows down the ageing of the skin due to all the anti-oxidants that are present in it. When used directly over the skin, it acts as a bleach and an anti-tanning agent. Because of its anti-bacterial action, it also works against black heads.

Keeps the hair healthy

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Lemon has got quite a few benefits for the hair as well. It helps treat scalp from dandruff and any other infections that might have affected the scalp or the hair. It also gives a certain sheen to the hair.Squeezing a few drops of lemon into your shampoo before you use it for all the benefits it could bestow upon your hair.

Lemon is great for the eyes

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Lemon does great good to the eyes when drank in the form of lemon water or when a piece of lemon is rubbed around your eyes. It helps lighten dark circles and helps fight other eye problems like drying up of the eyes and eye infections. And what could be more beautiful than bright and radiant eyes?

Lemon water increases immunity and keeps us healthy thereby

The anti oxidants present in lemon water help us fight infections that cause common colds and coughs with ease as the immune cells get stronger and function better. There will be an increase in the overall resistance that the body develops with other smaller infections as well.

Great after-work out drink

Lemon juice is known to be rich in salts and minerals. After a work out session where we would have very likely lost most of our salts along with a lot of sweat, lemon juice makes for a great drink as it it replenishes all the salts and minerals that your body needs.

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Good for the lips and nails

Lemon juice has the capacity to exfoliate dried up cells of the body. This means that when lips get chapped in winters and there is a whole lot of dried skin and cracks on them, applying lemon juice and leaving it on can help render them soft and tender. As for nails, lemon juice can strengthen brittle nails making them hard.

Now that you know all the reasons why you should make lemon juice and lemons a part of your diet and beauty routine, we’re sure you’ll do just that!




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