Beautifying Face Mask For Glowing Skin In Summer

Your skin needs different things in different seasons. The first thing it needs during hot summers is hydration. The summers are harsh on skin, particularly in hot and humid areas like in south India. The hot airs sucks away all the essential moisture present in the skin. Facial skin is more prone to get dehydrated. This is the main reason why our facial skin secretes excess oils during summers. Our skin tries to balance the dehydrated moisture by producing more and more oils. All this makes the skin extremely dull and lifeless.Banana-Cream--600x350

The second thing which skin needs during summers is exfoliation. Due to the harsh weather, excess sweating, sebum and clogging of pores etc, the problem of dead skin cells is more in summers. You need to exfoliate the skin in a most gentle way during this season.

The third thing needed is to remove the sun tan and brighten up the skin. Sun tan and dullness is is something you cannot avoid completely during hot days. By paying little attention to your facial skin daily, you can breathe life into your skin again and make it look brighter.

Beautifying Banana Face For Glowing Skin In Summer:banana face mask

You need the following things for making this face mask:

Honey to restore moisture and keep the skin hydrated. If you live in south Indian states, you can get Coorg honey (online) or Girijan honey (available in almost all super markets).

Yogurt or curd for gentle and effective exfoliation. Plain yogurt is the best.

Ripe Banana to brighten up the skin.

The combo of all these three amazing natural ingredients serves as an excellent remedy to rejuvenate and brighten up the skin during summer season.


Take half a banana considerably ripe, in a bowl and mash it. Add 2 tbsp of honey and 2 tsp of yogurt to it. Mix well. Apply on a clean and dry face, leave for at least 15-20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Store the remaining face mask in a refrigerator. banana summer face mask

Use the face mask daily before going to bed. It deep cleans the pores, exfoliates dead cells, hydrates and prevents excess sebum. Skin restoration normally takes place during nights. This face mask makes the skin fresh and aids the restoration process. Regular use makes the skin healthy and beautifully glowing.


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