Argan Oil For Dry And Lifeless Hair

Winter is approaching and its time that your hair begins to become dry, brittle and lifeless. Hair becomes weak and more prone to breakage during winters as the moisture vanishes away. Argan Oil elixir is one of the best and ancient secret for beautiful hair. Argan oil does wonders for hair making it healthy from root to tip.

several hair conditions
several hair conditions

The Moroccan originated Argan oil which is often called “liquid gold” is high in most beneficial nutrients including essential fatty acids, and tocopherol in the form of vitamin-E. It has the properties of making skin and hair beautiful with its moisturizing capacity. Argan oil also contains a rich phytochemical compound known as Oleuropein, which can restore the damaged hair, control frizz, hair fall and dandruff. It makes the hair silky and shiny.

Argan Oil Based Products

Benefits of Argan Oil for hair:-

  1. Hydrates the hair in a natural way
  2. Avoids roughness of hair
  3. Penetrates deep into the hair follicles and enhances the elasticity of hair, thus preventing breakage
  4. Treats damaged hair
  5. Controls unmanageable hair
  6. Repairs and prevents sun damage of hair strands
  7. Protects scalp from sun damage
  8. Adds shine to hair
  9. Removes the brittleness of colored hair and protects from color damage
  10. Repairs hair damage caused due to styling
  11. Heals split endsargan oil


Argan oil can be used as :

  • A heat protector
  • A leave-in-hair-treatment
  • A hot-oil-hair-treatment
  • A hair growth-treatment
  • A treatment for scalp conditions
  • A hair styling product

How to use this nourishing Argan oil on hair? 

# Whether your hair is dry, brittle, frizzy, thin, coarse, wavy, curly, coily or unmanageable, Aragan oil works as a very safe styling agent for your hair.  Spray or apply little Argan oil all over your hair to make it look shiny and glowing.

# To eliminate contact friction and to prevent hair breakage, apply little Argan oil over the hair before you brush your hair.



# To style your hair:   Press your wet hair with a clean towel until damp. Pour a few drops of Argan oil over your palms and rub it using your palms over the hair from roots to tips carefully. Style your hair as desired.


# To moisturize brittle hair: Apply Argan oil liberally over the hair section by section from roots to tips. Apply on scalp and gently massage with finger tips. Leave over night or at least 2-3 hours and wash the hair with a gentle shampoo. Regular treatment keeps the hair healthy and controls hair fall and scalp conditions.

#Hot oil treatment: Heat a little Argan oil on medium heat. Apply this over the scalp and hair and massage the scalp gently. Leave over night or for 1-3 hours before you wash the hair. Regular use can treat scalp conditions, restore hair damage and control hair fall. It is also an excellent hair growth remedy.

Add this great method to your hair care regimen and keep the hair healthy, thick and strong.

 Where To Buy?

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