Amazing Benefits Of Citrus Fruits


Citrus fruits are the best, aren’t they? The tangy taste and the mouthwatering flavor is just too delicious. Now, they aren’t just for your cravings but they have amazing health benefits. You’d be surprised what they do to your hair and skin. So here is the list. Go on and amaze yourself!

1. Instantly Brightens your face

Citrus fruits are loaded with our favorite vitamin C, which is basically the fountain of youth. That is why, we’re usually suggested to use the lemon facepacks for brightening of the skin. So next time you spot your skin dull, just rub in some lemon and honey for 15 min and you’ll notice the difference.

2. Moisturizes and Tones the skin

So just like we said above, the fruits are full of the anti oxidants and they are really efficient in treating the dry skin. They provide moisture to the skin and tones the skin, providing a glowing, even toned rich skin.

citrus-fruits-benefits3. Improves the growth of nails

Are your nails always dry and brittle ? do they break too often? Time to increase the dose of the vitamin C in your diet, which is plenty in citrus fruits. Just like how it hydrates skin, it hydrates nails too, making them soft and even, without any pits or grooves. You can always add some lemon juice during your pedicure and manicure for better results and effects. Also, try rubbing the lemon directly to your nails and elbows for lightening them.

healthy-nails-with-citrus-fruits4. Good bye, Dandruff

Lemon is a blessing honestly. We can use lemon for many things and one such is getting rid of dandruff. Just get the juice from the lemon, (fresh) and apply it directly on your scalp to drive the dandruff away!

healthy-hair-with-citrus-fruits5. Hello, healthy hair!

You can prepare a hair mask from thee citrus fruits and apply it to your hair and leave it about 15 mins. Wash it away to see the bouncy soft hair. The widely used home remedy, egg white and lemon, is known to give you soft, bouncy and shiny hair. This not only gives a healthy look to your hair, but also fights dandruff effectively, reduces the thinning of the hair and even delays the graying of the hair. Isn’t it crazy?

citrus-fruits-hair-pack6. Sore throat? Try lemon

Usually when we fall sick, especially when flu attacks, our throats feel like a giant cactus. To get relieved from that, you can mix lemon juice and a bit ginger and have it directly. Or you can make a ginger-lemon tea and sip it slowly. You can also make ginger candies! Take some ginger paste, add some honey, lemon and a bit sugar and boil them until they are thick. Take a parchment and drop the thick mix with a spoon in the size of a small coin. Wait till they are dry and store them in a container. This way, you can have them whenever you want!

citrus-fruits-benefits-sore-throat7. Battle Anemia and heart diseases with Citrus fruits

India has an alarming increase in the rate of anemia, especially in children and women. Citrus fruits can help with that enormously. Vitamin C, which is abundantly available in citrus fruits, helps in the better absorption of the iron. Iron is needed in the bloodstream to fight anemia. And the antioxidants of the citrus fruits help with the heart diseases!


Now that you know, go to the nearest fruit stall and fill your bags with citrus fruits!


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