8 Of The Best Red-Carpet Hairstyles of Tamannaah

When it comes to sporting some really amazing array of attires on the red carpet, no one can beat Tamannaah. Along with all the colourful and offbeat outfits she’s always been seen in, Tamannaah also knew how to play with her hair to make some gorgeous, ape-worthy hairstyles. Here’s a list of some of the red-carpet hairstyles of Tamannaah that we’d like to take some inspiration from.

1. The messy, high bun

Buns are a favourite for the milky beauty – that’s something we can definitely conclude by now. Tamannaah’s been seen in some high, some low buns most of them messy. The way she paired them up with her outfits, they definitely added a certain oomph and elegance to her look everytime she wore it.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 1 high bun


2. The messy, wavy, high ponytail

Although ponytails don’t feature all that many times in the red carpet hairstyles of Tamannaah, there were times when she experimented with the hairstyle. We especially like how she wore a wavy and a rather messy ponytail at the trailer launch of Baahubali, as it made her look super-cute.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 2 wavy ponytail

3. Beach waves with hair let down

If there was one among all the hairstyles of Tamannaah that she seemed to love apart from the buns, it was leaving her hair loose with beach waves added to them. She’s donned this hairstyle quite a lot of times and each time she did, she looked graceful. This easy-to-try hairstyle is definitely something we should ape.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 3 wavy hair loose

4. Sleek Ponytail with tiny little braids

Tamannaah doesn’t really experiment with her hair, but when she does, she definitely goes above and beyond normal. There was this event to which she wore a sleek, high pony with a puff with small braids that were made on the sides of her head. There was a very futuristic look to this hairstyle and it looks like it is easy to make as well – two big reasons we should totally try this one out.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 4 braided ponytail

5. The Sleek Ponytail with a puff

For most of her promotions of Entertainment, when Tamannaah was spotted in some really chic and offbeat outfits, she was seen in the high sleek ponytail with a puff. It went neatly with the outfits that she wore and made her look great too.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 5 high sleek ponytail

6. Straightened Hair let down 

There is something about straight hair let loose and Tamannaah. The hairstyle goes so well with her that it brings out the best in her. She’s worn this simple hairstyle and oozed charm many a times on the red carpet, sometimes sweeping it all to a side and sometimes leaving it straight down.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 6 hair sleek loose. jpg

7. This gorgeous updo

At filmfares couple of years ago, Tamannaah sported a great updo (when we say updo, we don’t mean bun). It was carefully and beautifully done with a puff on the front. She looked elegant and near-regal in it. Although this one is a little difficult to get, we could surely give it a try for all that it is worth.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 7 updo. jpg

8. A super-curly braid

Among all the offbeat hairstyles that Tamannaah tried out on the red carpet, ¬†this super-curly braid is something that we got to love. Her hair was braided and the rest of it wasn’t left alone – it was weaved into a whole lot of curls that covered nearly all of her frontal hair. Although it might have taken her hairstylist a lot of time to get it right, she looked great in it.

hairstyles of Tamannaah 8 wavy braid









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