7 Makeup Tips All Girls Should Know About

  1. Use a Business Card for the straight wing

We always go for the elaborate winged eyeliner with so much of confidence until we mess up because once you choose, there is no going back! And that’s why to save yourself from the panda eyes, put these makeup tips to work. Use business card to get a straight, non-messed up wing that’s sharp enough to kill a man!

  1. Use a white eye-pencil to brighten up your eyes

We usually line your lower lash line with kohl and that is something we do from ages, don’t we?also, that’s a bummer for girls with small eyes because using  dark pigmented kohl/kajal will make your eyes look smaller. So use a white eyepencil, line the lower lash line to instantly brighten up your whole look!


  1. Broken Eye shadow? Make temporary color out of it!

A party coming up where your crush is gonna show up and you wanna do something quirky to change your normal, boring look? Get that old eye shadow out and use it as a temporary hair color. How you ask? Just grind it into fine powder, and apply slowly to your hair, starting from either your scalp or the hair tips. It doesn’t cause any damage and it’s easily washable.

eye-shadow-makeup tips

  1. Is your Foundation too thick? Here is the perfect solution

So this happened to all of us. The drying of recently brought liquid foundation or a too thick cream one. Don’t worry. You can fix it up in a jiffy. Get a facial oil if you have dry skin, add a drop to the foundation before applying. If you’re the oily skinned Belle, replace facial oil with a moisturizer and you’ll be good to go.


  1. Broken lipstick? One simple trick to fix it.

Lipsticks are sometimes such babies! We’ve seen loads of lipsticks in our beauty bags breaking down, the bullet off from the base. We’ve still manages to use them, thank the gods for those heavenly things called makeup brushes. However, a fair amount of it used to go waste plus we can’t carry it around for touch ups. To fix that mess, just heat the base of the lipstick bullet and attach it to the base while it’s still warm. Freeze it for an hour or so and tada, you have your favorite lipstick back.


  1. Ditch your eyebrow pencil for mascara

All you need is a good set of eyebrows to rock your life. And how do you get it? NO, Not by drawing brows three times thicker than your original ones and then filling them up. Honestly ladies, it’s pretty hideous. Instead of doing that, just go subtle, natural. Use a mascara wand and run over your eyebrows. This will give your brows thicker look and add some volume to it.

mascara-eyebrow-makeup-tips7.  Makeup tips to create glossy eyelids

Did you watch Deepika in the Tanishq’s ad? That eye shadow of her’s was glossy and she just looked radiant. And you don’t have to spend a bomb on some high end brand’s product to get those glossy eyes. Just apply your regular eye shadow and apply a teensy amount of vaseline on your lids with the Q tip. The vaseline spreads slowly with time so don’t go heavy handed with it.


Aren’t our Makeup tips helpful? Stay tuned to us to get more of them!


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