7 Clever Life Hacks Every Busy Girl Should Know


We all are busy. I mean, we don’t even have time to breathe these days. Much less for anything else. And when it comes to girls, it’s a chaos because, hello! We always like to be presentable and hate shabby things so it’s obvious that we need a little extra time to sort stuff out. So if you are that busy girl who needs a little help in life, here you go! We bring you the most easy life hacks.

1. Dry Shampoo

So you have this super urgent and important meeting to attend and you snoozed right through those twenty alarms. Happens ladies, although we advise you not to repeat it, here is a solution for you. When you are running late and your hair is oily but you know you don’t really have time for even a quick shower in the morning, go for dry shampoo. Just apply some and leave the night before. It absorbs all oil and your hair looks fresh and bouncy. Isn’t it one of those amazing life hacks? Buy it here.

dry-shampoo-life-hack2. Or you can use baby powder

This doesn’t work for extremely oily hair but most of us have oily scalp. And the roots of hair gets really oily by the be next day. Especially the bangs. So, to fight that, grab that baby powder and spread it on the scalp where the hair is oily. The powder absorbs oil. Quick and easy, isn’t it?

johnson-baby-powder-life-hack3. A leave-in conditioner

Ah, that pleasure of having those warm long showers! And the plus point is here that we can apply some deep conditioner to take its action while we chill in the shower. But most of us are already running in pell-mell in morning and might not have much time for those nourishing conditioner treatments. So go for a leave-in conditioner. It helps as a barrier against the wind and sun. Plus keeps your hair from drying too. One of those brilliant life hacks it is! (BUY HERE)

leavein-conditioner-lifehacks4. Baby Oil as an Instant highlighter

Some parties, we’d like to attend in our track suits and worn out sneakers. But some parties, we like to attend looking flawless like a goddess. So for such times when you don’t find stuff or simply didn’t like to invest in items that you won’t use much, we bring you the solution. Use baby oil as an instant highlighter. Baby oil is extremely light and won’t make your whole face look oily unless you use more than required. So instant glam and shine in budget!

baby-oil-life-hacks5. Book yourself a cab

You know you have to be in the office but you aren’t either done with your makeup or breakfast. For those times, call in a cab. If you can prepare breakfast, it’s well and nice. Or you can just grab some fruits on your way and have them in cab. And the same goes for your makeup. All this without people staring. Uber is the biggest life hack ever! 

uber-life-hacks6. Facial wipes

Facial wipes are a blessing, really. If you have an oily skin, you can’t ask for anything more. Even for dry skinned people who mostly use creamy makeup, the T-zone, forehead and chin becomes a little oily. For such emergencies, just have some facial wipes and gently blot and you’re good to go. (BUY HERE)



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