6 Super Foods That Help In Weight Loss


Weight loss is so, so hard, isn’t it? What with a world full of delicious brownies, donuts, cream cheese cakes and those macaroons, weight loss will make you want to cry. But you know, to shed those extra pounds and look amazing in that lehenga, you need to exercise some self-restraint. But that doesn’t mean you’ll starve yourself. Here are some superfoods that will help you with losing weight and what’s more? They are extremely delicious!

fruits-for-weight-loss1. Eggs

That’s right! Eggs are high in protein and they make you feel full and that will curb your cravings. And you don’t have to eat them in a boring way. Mix up some onions, potatoes and tomatoes along with oregano and a little salt and pepper and make the delicious omelette that will make an amazing breakfast!

eggs-for-weight-loss2. Fish

Fish, especially oily fish like salmon, has amazing health benefits. They are rich in proteins and nutrients. They are also extremely delicious. And they are full of omega 3 fatty acids, which will help your hair and skin glow! So stock up on the salmon. And you don’t have to eat it the bland way. You can just brush it with a drop of oil or two, put some pepper and salt and bake it, instead of frying. Garnish it with a bit of ketchup and oregano!

fish-for-weight-loss3. Citrus fruits

Along with helping your skin glow, curing dehydration, fighting anemia, eliminating dandruff, giving amazing healthy nails, preventing heart diseases and a load of other stuff, citrus fruits also help with weight loss. These citrus fruits are full of antioxidants and they will help you up with almost every issue. And amazing hair and skin on the top of it. What else do we want? Mix up the oranges, grapefruit, berries, pour some lemon juice, add some milk and honey. It will be the most delicious stuff you’ll ever have.

citrus-fruits-for-weight-loss4. Lean Protein

Protein is very important because that’s what aids you during your workout sessions. So get all that lean protein. Chicken breasts, lean beef and tuna, which are really high in protein and low on fat. So yeah, this is how you roll it ladies, brush the meat with a drop of oil, sprinkle some salt, pepper and oregano and bake it. Tasty and healthy!

chicken-for-weight-loss5. Leafy Veggies for Weight Loss

Spinach, kale, curry leaves and all that stuff moms’ asked us to eat but when have we ever listened to them? But now you have to! Leafy vegetables are full of fibre. They are totally low on both carbohydrates and fats. So you can have them with no doubts. They have iron, calcium and other important nutrients. Have them and your body will thank you for sure!

leafy-vegetables-for-weight-loss6. Nuts and Whole grains

Nuts contain a bit of fats, agreed but they are healthy fats. They are essential and they are also loaded with fibre and nutrients. So that makes them an infinitely better snack than the deep fried potatoes. Have a handful of nuts, they are beneficial. Especially almonds, which are the best in many ways. Also, whole grains like oats, brown rice and quinoa. Although they are known to have carbohydrates in them, they contain healthy amounts of fibre in them so it’s okay to have them in appropriate amounts.




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