6 Hair Styling mistakes we make that leads to hair fall

Hair is our pride, isn’t it? Although we don’t have that beautiful blonde mane like Rapunzel, we all have pretty decent hair which we like to style differently for all the occasions. All of like to be some head-turners right, girls? But sometimes we go overboard and damage our hair by using some hair styling techniques that damages our hair, leading to hair fall. Let’s look into them.

1. Too much heat

That pin straight hair for the meeting ? Perfect. Those curls with the cocktail dress? Ravishing. Beach waves with that boho skirt? Jaw dropping! But if you are using too much heat constantly to achieve these looks, trust us, your hair isn’t going to thank you. You know? Instead, limit your hair styling and use the non heat techniques. For example, part your hair into two, braid them before going to sleep. And remove the braids next morning to witness the gorgeous beach waves. This way, no hair fall ! Only gorgeous hair. 

hair-straightening-hair-fall2. Using the wrong products

We neglect this. We just use those products which your friends recommend, forgetting the fact that you and they have different type of hair and scalp too. So know the product thoroughly before subjecting your mane to it. Also, make sure you use the heat protectant products(BUY HERE) before you use heat on your hair.

hair-products-for-hair-fall3. Colors and chemicals

We love coloring our dark hair subtle red. That brings out an instant effect, doesn’t it ? But you know once you color your hair, you’re supposed to use the right products and take extra care of it ? Same goes for rebonding hair. It’s even more complex and if you can’t take good care of it, you are gonna be in trouble. Terrible hair fall and even scalp infections are on the way!

hair-colors-and-hair-fall4. Pull and tear hairstyles

Those brilliant messy hairstyle that looks half bun and half braid ? Brilliant. But you know that requires putting some pressure on your hair, hair roots and scalp? This again, leads to hair fall. So try to abstain from these kind of hairstyles. I mean, once in awhile is fine but not every time, you know.

tough-hairstyles-and-hairfall5. Shampooing in the wrong way

An extremely common mistake we all make. First of all, we rarely choose products that suits our hair and scalp. And secondly, even if we manage to find some that are good for us, we use them in the wrong way. Using the shampoo directly and in more quantity (admit it, we all did it hoping this will keep the oil at the bay) or using it too frequently. Like honestly, stop it ladies. Your hair is suffering.

shampooing-hair6. Conditioner in no condition

You know what’s the worst thing we could do to our hair? Not conditioning it. Poor hair. Only if it could express its suffering. We all have, at some point decided that conditioner is no big deal and it’s doesn’t make much difference when skipped.but no, conditioner makes all the difference. It acts as a layer between your hair and the external elements like humidity, pollution and sun. It will prevent your hair from going dry and brittle, which will ultimately lead to hair fall. So make sure you get one according to your hair and scalp type. (BUY HERE)



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