5 Surprising Beauty Tips

Skin care science has been growing rapidly and abundantly since the past few decades. There is apparently a massive influx of strange skin care products. Apart from these go on to know some innovative beauty tips.

5 Surprising Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know:-

1)Oil For Your Skin:-

rose hip oil to defy skin age
rose hip oil to defy skin age

There is a misconception that applying oil to skin makes it greasy and acne prone. But this is in fact a myth and applying right oil for your skin balances the production of sebum from the skin. These oils act as an efficient anti-ageing elements and makes the skin texture look healthier and smoother. When choosing a right oil for your skin, it’s always better to choose a cold-pressed oil. Cold-pressed oils are heated on a low temperature and the process makes the oil to retain more antioxidants and essential fatty acids in them. This is highly effective in regeneration of skin cells and also makes the skin healing process very quick. Rosehip oil, Tamanu oil and Coconut oils which are cold pressed are found to be highly efficient in making the skin look younger.

tamanu oil
tamanu oil to fight acne, psoriasis, skin-ageing, dark spots, sun damage

2)Apply Vitamins:-

Less than 1% of the food we eat goes to the skin. So it is highly recommended that these vitamins be applied topically. Applying vitamins topically makes the skin strong and beautiful. Topically applying Vitamin-A greatly helps in reducing wrinkles and making the skin firm and tight. It also accelerates the skin’s ability to fight against UV radiation. The vitamin-A rich foods which can be externally applied on skin can be found hugely in sweet potatoes, carrots, green tea, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage.

vitamins for skin
apply vitamins topically for younger looking skin

Vitamin-C which enhances the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. It makes the skin look younger and softer. Foods rich in vitamin-C are oranges, pomegranate, lemon, tomatoes, broccoli.

Vitamin-D helps the skin to fight against many diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, wrinkles. Vitamin-E makes the skin look youthful and brighter. Foods rich in vitamins D and E can be obtained from fish, egg and milk.

3) Ultrasonic Exfoliation:- 

These days, skin-care ingredients are mega powerful which includes stem cells, peptides, high-dosage vitamins and rich acids. When these strong ingredients are combined with machines for using on skin, they give best results.

ultrasonic exfoliation
ultrasonic is exfoliation is highly effective in promoting youthful skin

Ultrasonic exfoliation is very effective when compared to exfoliation by hands, since the powerful ingredients which affect the skin are deeply absorbed and skin is deeply cleaned 10,000 times better than that of hand usage.

4) Acids in skin-care products:- 

Products which stimulate exfoliation are needed to obtain best results. This is possible by the acids present in skin care products, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid.

glycolic acid
don’t be afraid of “acid” on the label

Glycolic acid removes the damaged and dead layers of the skin and helps rejuvenate the skin. Today many creams and lotions are available which contain Glycolic acid and many other acids which stimulate exfoliation and deep cleansing of skin.

5)Stimulate without damaging:-

Stimulate the exfoliation of skin using products or equipment, but take care not to damage the skin cells. The main remodeling compounds present in the skin are the fibroblasts. These firbroblast produce collagen and elastin to keep the skin younger looking.

avene retrinal, retinaldehyde for stimulating exfoliation
avene retrinal, retinaldehyde for stimulating exfoliation

Retinaldehyde is one ingredient which can stimulate the fibroblasts without damaging the skin cells. This ingredient synthesizes collagen by converting into retinoic acid.



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