5 Style Lessons We All Can Learn From Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt is the new kid on the block who is delivering rocking performances one after another. Her latest was Dear Zindagi, an incredibly soothing flick, went as an instant hit with the youth, while her strong performance in Udta Punjab impressed even the toughest of critics. She keeps her slayage intact on screen with great acting, and balances it out with the stunning style off screen and she inspires all the girls with her strong fashion game. Here, take a look.

1. Monochrome is Everything

Alia understands her small frame, and to make it look pleasant, well, she has her ways! And monochrome is one of them. Alia Bhatt is often spotted in monochrome clothing during promotions and many other formal events. The monochrome ensembles add height to her petite frame and make her look balanced. So you too, regardless of your body type, can easily pull of monochromatic clothes, as they flatter everyone!

alia-bhatt-monochrome-clothes2.Take notes from Alia Bhatt’s shoe game

Alia has a quirky taste. No denial in that. She uses her style to say what she feels and you can evidently see her amazing personality! So girls, use your fashion to express who you are and take pride in it. Alia never backs down from her strong shoe game. Be it pumps, or sneakers, she surely knows how to rock them. Give three cheers for her!

alia-bhatt-shoe-game3. Alia Bhatt in Casual Chic Style

If you’re following Alia on Instagram ( if you aren’t, you should!) you’ll surely know that she nails the casual chic style effortlessly. If you observe, you can see that she keeps it extremely cool and comfy, just adding a bit of glam, which changes the whole outfit. Here, you can see her in long cardigans and blazers, which gives a good upgrade to the ensemble. Alia seems to be particularly fond of easy breezy comfy clothes, and she is often seen in them. There you have it girls, you don’t have to overdress to make an impression!

alia-bhatt-chic-style4. Skirts FTW!

Alia Bhatt is fond of skirts. And it is completely safe to assume it. She was seen during many promotions and formal occasions in cute and adorable skirts, in all lengths. She doesn’t shy away from Maxis, and on the contrary, she looks like a beautiful muse in them! Recently, she was seen in this brilliant golden colored pleated skirt which she paired with a top with floral embroidery on it. Drool worthy outfit, isn’t it? So girls, doesn’t matter if you’re petite, rock ‘em skirts away like her.

alia-bhatt-skirt-style5. Hair, Makeup and Accessories

Ah, this is where Alia Bhatt stands out. Her hairstyles are simply love. She particularly loves all those braided updos and the cute half buns and ponytails. Be it those pig tails or the plaits, they are all new and attractive. And when it comes to makeup, Alia is never seen in that heavy makeup. She always keeps it simple, with subtle eye makeup and a stroke of lipstick. Her accessory game is strong too. The hair-wear has become her signature by now, and those earrings, boy we love them!



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