5 Mistakes We All Make While Wearing Traditional Clothes


No matter how much we claim we love Pizzas and burgers, we always go back to Rajma chawal because we Indians are always desi by heart. The same applies to clothes too. No matter how many times we shop from Forever 21 or Mango, we still love the stuff from Craftsvilla. So for all the ladies reading this, here is some insight into correcting the common mistakes we do with the traditional clothing.

1. Too much bling

This had to top the list. I mean, we love bling all right, but let’s not go to that extent where one could literally fill the purpose of a discotheque or worse, a flash light. Lets curb our hard core desi instincts and limit our bling factor while choosing traditional clothing. And of course, I don’t mean wear plain colors and boring things, but whatever you wear, understand the outfit and don’t go overboard.

blingy-traditional-wear2. Ignoring the Body Type

Yes, okay, we understand that you liked that fish cut lehenga your younger cousin wore in that wedding. But you can’t go for the same if you have an Apple shaped body. Instead, go for the A-line lehenga which you’ll rock. So here, the moral is, always know and understand your body type and dress accordingly. Pick designs and fabrics in traditional clothing that will flatter you, rather than following the style blindly.

Bodytypes-while-wearing-traditional-wear3. Right Undergarments

Another mistake we all do. No matter what the outfit is, or where you’re gonna wear it, wearing the correct undergarments is important. And fun fact is that we indians are infinitely shy about the lingerie that most of us don’t even know the right bra size. If you’re one of them, go to a lingerie store and get your size measured. The people in the store are paid for it, so don’t feel shy! And On a serious note, it is never attractive if you wear wrong sizes and look shapeless, ladies!

under-garments-for-traditional-wear4. Colors, Prints, Fabrics and Designs

Going for bigger, bulkier and those weird prints is again, not so good looking. And colors of course. Again, your body type must be kept in mind while buying anything. Say if you have bulky arms, don’t opt for mega sleeves or sleeveless pieces. Or staying away from body hugging materials, choosing flowy, free fabrics, things like that make a lot of difference. Choosing the right fabric always matters. Loud colors and sequined traditional clothing are okay for certain occasions and some night parties but a total no if you wanna wear them during your work hours.

bulky-prints-in-traditional-wear5. Jewelry and Makeup with Traditional Clothing

We Indians have a tendency to go a notch higher when it comes to jewelry with traditional clothing. Always remember that your jewelry should be opposite of your clothes. That is, if you are wearing a heavily embroidered clothing, go easy on jewelry. If you’re wearing something extremely simple, then you can not go wrong with some heavy jewelry. And when it comes to makeup, less is always more, ladies. Take good care of skin to avoid that extra layer of base. Also, pay clear attention to your footwear. Always wear something that flatters your overall attire.



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