5 Lip-guard brands in the Indian market to try out now!

Lips, the most sensitive and the most beautiful part of our face need constant care and attention on them. Summers, winters and all the lip make-up that we use on them tends to cause a good amount of damage to them, although the damage isn’t all that pronounced and visible. So what can you do to take the best possible care of them? Keeping them moisturized and hydrated by using a good lip balm is perhaps the best way to do that.

lip balms in India

If you’re wondering which lip-guard brands in the Indian market can be best for your lips, here are five of them that we’ve listed out for you.

  1. Maybelline Baby Lips (BUY HERE)

.lip balm brands in india

When it comes to lips, Maybelline is the go-to brand. And we love their lip guards for how they do a whole lot of good to the lips and are quite affordable too. Maybelline’s ‘ baby lips’ are their best – they render your lips soft and fluffy and come at a Rs.165. Their ‘color bloom’ is yet another line that you should try out for its color+moisturizing properties.

2. Lakme Lip Love (BUY HERE)

lip balms in India

Lakme lip love is yet another lip-guard that got really popular of late for its great moisturizing properties as well as the light shade of color that it leaves on your lips. It comes at a mere Rs.200 and is great for every-day use.

3. Nivea Lip Butter (BUY HERE)

lip balms in India

Among Nivea’s lip care products, we got to love their lip butter which is highly effective in healing the lips from chapping, drying up or any other damage that has been caused to them. It is quite in the affordable range too, coming at a Rs.200. To add to that, it also comes in all these fruity flavours like the ‘blueberry blush’ that make it smell (and taste) good!

4. Vichy’s Aqualia (BUY HERE)vichy-aqualia-thermal-lip-balm-600x600

If your lips have been subject to some serious damage and you want to heal them slowly and effectively, Vichy’s Aqualia thermal lips is what you should pick. Although it is a bit more expensive than the other lip-guards with a price of Rs.490, they are a sure shot way to heal your lips and protect them from any more damage that they could possibly be subject to.

5. L’Occtaine Shea Butter Lip Balm (BUY HERE)

lip balms in India

L’Occitaine has got a wide range of really nice lip-guards that it markets in India. The best lip-guard that you can get your hands on if protecting lips is what you’re looking for is the shea butter lip balm from the brand. Shea butter can heal chapped lips and keep them healthy and moisturized. It is a little expensive though, priced at Rs.635


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