5 Foods To Eat While You’re Going To Gym

Being fit is important. Both for health and for appearance. I mean, who wants to look bulky with those extra pounds. So if your new year resolution was to stay fit, and you’re sticking to it, good going folks! But do you know that you should take extra care of your nutrition while you hit gym ? So, here is the list of what you need to eat!

1. Protein, protein and protein

Right, so you’re hitting gym regularly and doing the cardio religiously. But you’re not taking enough care of your nutrition, which will sabotage your fitness goals. So load up on proteins. Eat eggs, (whites, especially), legumes, lean meat like chicken. Salmon and tuna are loaded with rich nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your  skin and hair too.

protein-foods-for-fitness2. Drink loads of water

You sweat a lot while working out in the gym. Don’t you ? And you know what that means ? Dehydration. Therefore, make sure you drink lots and lots of water and this again, will help you with other things as well. So, make sure you carry a water bottle with you as you go to gym.

water-for-fitness3. Cut the junk out while hitting Gym

‘It’s just a bit of burger. What would it do?’, this is what we all do, don’t we ? But this is such a blunder. It doesn’t work like that if you keep eating junk. Along with doing the right exercises, it’s important to eat healthy. Don’t go for the junk. You can have cheat days, alright. But everyday can’t be a cheat day. Pay attention to what you eat.

4.Fruit smoothies

Better and easier. You can grab it on the go. Get citrus fruits in large amounts, they will fresh for long. Pomegranates, apples and strawberries with some yogurt makes the most delicious smoothies ever. And bananas too, which are like the powerhouses of energy. Have a toast with peanut butter and bananas before your workout session. If you don’t have enough time everyday to make smoothies, just pour some yogurt and fruit slices, freeze them in the ice cube tray. This way, you can just pop them your way in and out.

fruit-smoothies-while-gym5. Milk, nuts and green veggies

Milk is boring, isn’t it ? But do you know it is extremely beneficial to your body? It is full of calcium, which is helpful to the bone health. The casein protein present in the milk helps the muscle growth and you can add your favorite chocolate to it, making it both tasty and energizing. However, make sure you’re using dark chocolate only. Nuts are helpful too, have a handful of almonds, walnuts and apricots are energy packets. Have them before your workout sessions for the much needed energy. Green veggies are detoxifying, relaxing and energizing. Kale, spinach and broccoli are healthy and goodful. Include a healthy dose of spices in your diet. Peppers, chillies and jalapeno all are helpful in the weight loss are are good for heart too, if taken in the right amounts. Along with this all, it’s okay to have a chunk of dark chocolate once in awhile, to treat yourself and don’t shy away from that daily caffeine dose before hitting the gym!




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