4 Home Remedies to Cover Grey Hair

How do you feel, when your close friends or relatives points out to your hair streaks and say..Ohh my God!! Grey Hair at this age ? Well, we can understand that how much embarrassing situation it can be for you and how it can affect your confidence level. To prevent grey hairs, you have two options, one is expensive hair treatments in salon that can even further harm your hairs as the products used in the salons contains harsh chemicals like ammonia and the second is treating grey hair with home remedies. Below we are suggesting few herbal tips to cure grey hair:


Henna for Grey Hair

One of the oldest methods of covering grey hairs is applying Henna on them. Henna not only covers your grey hair but also acts a natural conditioner for your hairs. It acts as a natural hair dye that leaves your hair soft and shiny.


How to Make Mixture of Heena Dye: Add 200-500 grms of Heena to a non-metallic bowl and add 6 to 7 spoon of lemon juice, 2- tea bags or 1 teaspoon coffee powder, 1 teaspoon amla juice, little water and make a fine paste of it. Leave this paste over night and apply in the morning from roots to the tips, keep it till 4 hours and then wash it with plain water.

Coconut and Lemon Home Remedy For Grey Hair

This one is one of the most effective home remedy for grey hairs.


How to Use: Add 4 teaspoon of coconut hair oil in a bowl of glass, add two teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Then mix both well and apply on the hair roots to the tips. Keep it for 1 hour and then wash it with shampoo and then apply conditioner. You will not only get rid of grey hairs but also your hair will become more shiner and silky. Follow this method twice a week and see the affects.

Curry leaves Home Remedy for Grey Hair

Every woman have curry leaves planted in their kitchen garden, so this one is one of the easiest methods to get rid of grey hairs.


How to use: Boil few curry leaves and coconut oil in a bowl till the leaves turns brown. Let the oil cool down and then apply it in your hairs. Keep it till one hour and then wash it using shampoo.

Potato Peels Remedy for Grey Hair

Well, not even in yours dreams you would have thought that the potato peel (which you just throw away while cutting the potatoes) can be your savior for grey hairs.


How to Use: Add the peel of five potatoes to a pan and add two cups of water to it, boil it and then let it cool down. After it is cool down, strain the liquid into a glass container and close it with a tight lid. After you was your hair with shampoo, use this liquid on your hair as conditioner. This will help you get rid of grey hairs very soon.

Try these above herbal tips to cure your grey hairs and say bye bye to grey hairs forever.


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