35 Beauty Tips A Girl Should Always Remember

Every girl is beautiful in her own way. Some have expressive eyes, while others have lustrous hair or a sweet smile. Some have a shiny skin texture while others have bold features. How beautiful a woman looks can affect her self confidence, overall performance and they way she socially interacts. While the true beauty comes from within, these beauty tips can make you more attractive, more self confident and healthy from inside and outside.beautiful orange young brunette girl expression portrait with daisy flower

1. Smile: Always keep smiling. The little cute curve of your lips can do wonders for you. Every woman looks sweet by wearing a little cordial smile on your face.

2. Vitamin-C:  Make it a routine to add fresh oranges or other fruits rich in vitamin-C to your daily menu to keep your skin fresh, younger looking and to slow down the ageing process.


3. Teeth care: A simple way to keep your teeth whiter and to avoid yellowing is to eat a guava, carrot, apple or cucumber daily.white teeth

4. Look at your heels: At the end of the day rub a little sesame oil on your heels and sleep with it to give your cracked heels a good care and to make them ready for the next day. Don’t forget to wear cotton socks to your feet before going to bed.

5. Biotin: Ask your doctor for the biotin supplements and take it daily for long lasting hair health and also too keep your nails strong.

6. Dry brush: Exfoliating the skin daily with a dry brush for few minutes can eliminate dead skin and improve circulation. It keeps your skin glowing.Dry+Skin+Brushing+Techniques

7. Eye care: Give your eyes a bright glow by washing them frequently with cold water. Dab cool rose water on the eyes before going to bed daily. If you wear mascara. remove it completely at night, otherwise it may cause the eye lashes to break.

8. Hair-oil: Give your hair a hot oil massage at least once a week.


9. Cellulite: Fight cellulite by drinking plenty of water daily in regular intervals. Always remember to keep your body hydrated. Exercise regularly.

10. Eye lashes: Massage a little almond oil on your eye lashes. This helps them to grow thicker and longer.

11. Conditioning: Condition your hair whenever you shampoo. Use a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner evenly from root to tips.Wide_Tooth_Comb_For_Curly_Hair_7

12. Blush: Use a brighter blush shade to look younger. Deep shades may make you look a little elderly.

13. Lipstick: Before putting on the lipstick, apply a little moisturizer or lip balm on the lips and leave for few minutes. Then proceed to apply your lipstick. This makes it spread evenly and smoothly.

14. Acne: Workout regularly. Do not forget to wash your face after the workouts. Otherwise the sweat can clog the pores and worsen the acne.

15. Hair wash: Always use a mild sulfate free shampoo to prevent hair fall or scalp conditions. Prevention is better than cure. Avoid hair fall even before you experience it.

16. Green tea: Make it a habit to have a cup of green tea once or twice a day. It is rich in antioxidants which can keep you fit and beautiful.drinking green tea

17. Face masks: Use avocado or papaya regularly in your face masks. Add yogurt as well.

18. Be gentle: Do not be harsh on your skin when you rub it. Always be gentle.

19. Coffee: If you drink coffee, try shifting it to mid-morning or afternoon instead of early mornings.

20. De-stress: De-stress your mind and body daily by doing yoga regularly. It can keep your mind calm and your body beautiful.yoga-3

21. Express gratitude: Expressing gratitude for every simple thing you get makes you feel better.

22. Love: Spend 20 minutes of happy moments, talking and sharing with your loved ones daily. It keeps you healthier and happier.

23. Face: Do not touch your face unnecessarily. Keep your face hydrated and protect from UV rays with a good sunscreen.

24. Soft lips: Use a soft damp cloth to gently rub your lips daily at night to remove the flaky layers. Rub a good lip balm or  milk cream before bed.

25. Moisturize: Use moisturizer daily. The better time to apply moisturizer on your skin is immediately after shower while your skin is still damp.

26. Body scrub: Exfoliate your body with a gentle body scrub once a week. It helps slough the dead layers and the moisturizers get easily absorbed into the skin thereafter.

27. Legs: Keep your legs elevated while you rest, at least a few minutes daily. It helps you improve the circulation and prevent the risk of appearance of  unattractive veins in your legs.A woman's legs lay down on a pillow for relaxing and preventing varicose vein

28. Cleanser: Choose a cleanser with salicyclic acid.

29. Sunscreen: Reapply sunscreens twice or thrice a day although it claims to work all day through.

30. Foundations: If you live in a humid or hot areas, your foundation gets flaked or patchy after some time. Try wearing tinted moisturizers or creams such as cc-cream instead. You can mix a tiny amount of your  foundation in your regular face cream to avoid such patchiness.

31. Makeup: Always remove your makeup completely before bed. Otherwise your skin looks dull in the morning.remove makeup

32. Sleep: Sleep sufficiently everyday. At least 6-8 hours of quality sleep is essential.

33. Meditation: Never underestimate the power of meditation. Spend at least 10 minutes daily in a peaceful place for meditation. It helps you to be stress free and beautiful from inside.

34. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water regularly. It eliminates the toxins from the body and keeps the skin clear.Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset

35. Be yourself and be positive :))



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