25 Tips For Winter Glowing Skin

The winters can be very harsh on your skin. Strong winter winds can steal all the moisture and irritate the skin. Tight dry skin and chapped lips can be avoided with simple winter care regimen. It is important during winters to keep the skin care routine as simple as possible.woman-with-winter-skin-in-snow

Follow these simple tips for winter glowing skin:

  1. Consume juicy fruits and fresh vegetables mixed with a few drops of olive oil or primrose oil. It improves digestion during winter and clears away the toxins in the body. Your skin will remain glowing. Grape-Juice-e1417683410157
  2. To avoid external dryness and chapped skin, apply pure coconut oil to the skin before bath.coconut oil for skin
  3. Non clogging oils such as avocado oil, primrose oil and almond oil should be preferred for applying on skin.
  4. It is better to bath with a paste of gram flour and yogurt. Mix 3-4 spoons of gram flour in 2-3 spoons of yogurt to form a paste for bathing.

    Yogurt and gram flour paste for smooth skin in winters.
    Yogurt and gram flour paste for smooth skin in winters.

  5. In case you prefer using soap, make sure to use one with adequate moisturizing content. Soaps based on natural oils and glycerin may turn out to be a healthy alternative.
  6. Avoid using hot water for bathing. Add 2-3 tbsp of glycerin or tea-tree oil to lukewarm water for bathing.tea tree oil
  7. Moisturizing lotions based on glycerin and alpha-hydroxyl content can contribute to the smooth feel of the skin.
  8. Skin toner containing essential oils or the rejuvenating elements of Vitamin E can prove to be similarly effective. If your skin is naturally oily, avoid using the same on face.
  9. Before going for manicure or pedicure, have your feet or arms already soaked in lukewarm water for few minutes at home. Remember to add a few drops of natural essential oils to the water before you soak. Feet_Treatment
  10. Pamper your finger and toe nails with sufficient touches of oil, glycerin or moisturizers to prevent brittleness.
  11. Use cotton socks and gloves while you sleep, to avoid cracked,chapped feet and dry palms.
  12. Avoid facial packs containing mud. They take away the natural oils which are essential during winters.
  13. Opt for a lip balm enriched with Vitamin E.nivea-lip-care-med-protection-lip-balm-4-8gm
  14. Apply fresh milk cream to lips during nights, to discover smooth and supple lips in the morning. It will also prevent darkening of lips during winter.
  15. Add more and more yogurt , butter milk or cream to your facial recipes to keep the collagen active.
  16. To get rid of ugly cracks on feet, go for a therapeutic ointment or lotion containing Vitamin E. In extreme cases of cracks, one needs to use ointment containing necessary antibiotic.himalaya foot care
  17. A vital skin care tip for winter involves bare minimum use of water for bath and drinking more water. Long baths takes away the natural oils from skin as well as from your hair. Never bath for more than 10 minutes during winters. Drink plenty of water and juices.
  18. Use humidifiers to have the indoor environment well hydrated and moisturized.
  19. Use a best sunscreen like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. Never skip a sunscreen in winters.neutrogena ultra sheer
  20. Use a mild face cleanser to wash your face and avoid taking very hot showers.
  21. Your skin really needs good facials during winters to keep it clean and clear.
  22. Moisturizers seep into skin better while you sleep. For best results apply moisturizers or essential oils on skin during nights.
  23. Use moisturizer right away after a shower.
  24. Take Vitamin-E capsules in sufficient quantities daily.vitamin e
  25. Add more fish to your diet and also take omega-3 supplements to combat skin ageing and hair fall due to harsh winter weather.


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