13 Essential Beauty Tips To Look Younger

Even before you face any aging issues of skin, adopt a healthy skin care regimen. Whether your skin started aging or you like to prevent from premature aging, here are some amazing beauty tips that will surely make you look younger. So just keep this tips handy and choose which one actually you need to make yourself look much younger than you are.Beautiful Indian Girls Wallpapers for Desktop Picture 17

Simple tips to look younger:

1.To Soothe Skin: 

Pour half cup of cold raw milk into a bowl. Place a clean white wash cloth into the milk and let it soak for 1-2 minutes. Remove excess milk from the wash cloth and place the cloth over clean face. Leave for 10 minutes. Follow this tip daily for a brighter, tighter, smooth and gorgeous skin. Milk contains proteins, fats, amino acids, and vitamin A.The lactic acid in milk gently exfoliates the skin and nourishes it from deep inside.

2. To Conceal Brown Spots:How-to-Apply-Foundation-for-Asian-Skin-533x400

First, dab a concealer that’s one or two shades lighter than your foundation onto the spot. Use a concealer brush and blend with gentle strokes. Concealer brush gives your skin more precise coverage than your finger. Now put a dot of foundation that exactly matches your skin tone, over the spot. The concealer lightens the spot, and the foundation helps blend it seamlessly, giving you full coverage.

3.To Boost Radiance:

Switch to cream make up formulas if you want to give your skin a soft reflective sheen. Cheeks tend to be drier than your T-zone. Powder blush also enhances the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The dull matte texture that comes with powder blush makes you look older. So use cream or liquid blush that gives your face a youthful glow.

4. To Plump Thin Lips: thin lips

Use pinks and choose natural nude colors. Stay away from dark or bright colors as they emhasizes on the size of your lips and shows off the thinness. Dark or bright lipsticks also make the wrinkles or fine lines around the mouth too much noticeable. Choose a lipstick that mimics the color of your lips to look younger.

After applying your lipstick, just at the outer edge of the natural border of your mouth, apply a pencil lip liner in a shade that exactly matches your lipstick.

5. To Brighten Your Smile:

Prepare your own teeth whitener. Brush with a paste made of baking soda at least once a week removes staining and whitens teeth. Eat crunchy fruits or raw vegetables after having coffee, tea or any beverages that have a staining effect over the teeth. Choose the right lipstick shade. Lipsticks with blue undertones like the Mac Ruby woo make teeth appear brighter.

6. To Minimize Under-eye Circles:dark circles

The biggest mistake women make is using too little concealer. First apply an eye cream and blend properly. Then follow with a concealer generously from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner using a concealer brush. Pat gently to blend the product into the skin. If there’s still any darkness visible, apply a second layer of concealer. Dust a layer of setting powder to set the concealer.

Tea bags can heal the tired-looking eyes. The caffeine in the tea helps shrink the underlying dark blood vessels and also reduces puffiness. Soak tea bags, ideally green tea,  in a little hot water for a minute.  Place the soaked tea bags in a refrigerator, let them get chilled and place them directly over your eyes for 15 minutes.

7. To Give Eyes A Lift:eyelash curl

Curl eye lashes correctly. When eye lashes are clean and dry, position the curler at the root of lashes and give three firm, gentle pumps. Release and repeat. Heat your curler with your blow-dryer for 15 seconds first. The warmth holds the bend better. You can also use the wand to curl your lashes.

8. Never under-estimate the power of a facial:

Have a facial on a regular basis, once or twice a month for radiant flawless skin. If you don’t have time to hit a parlor, invest in good face packs available in the market. At least get face massage and steam it regularly. Regular facial brings a lot of difference in the skin. The deep pore cleansing gets rid of toxins and dirt and makes the skin look refreshed and luminous.

9. Moisturize your face, neck and hands everyday: moisturizer

In the morning, wash your face and apply daytime moisturizer with SPF even while your face and neck is still damp. Allow the skin to absorb the moisturizer, before you apply make up. Don’t forget the skin around your eyes and also your hands. At nights before you apply moisturizer, spend more time to wash your face and be sure to remove all the dirt and make up from deep inside the pores. Apply a nighttime moisturizer ideally that contains hyaluronic acid to face, neck and hands.

10. Drink more water:

Drink as much water as you can, it’s so good for your skin and your overall health. You’ll definitely look and feel a lot younger when you start drinking enough water.

11. Get plenty of rest and avoid stress:sleephug-meditation-771x499

Sleep is a luxury that you must indulge in. When we sleep, our cells are renewed and our skin heals itself. Sleeping enough should be given high priority to stay beautiful and healthy.
Stress is a great factor that ages your skin within a short time. Sometimes stress can’t be avoided, but it is important to learn some relaxation techniques, at least breathing techniques a few times a day. Take a bath after a long day, or simply soak your feet in a relaxing foot soak, close your eyes and put in your head phones and stay away from the world for 15 minutes listening to your favorite music.

12. Keep your brows thicker: thick-eyebrows

A thicker brow can make you look younger. Do not over-pluck. Use a good brow pencil or brow powder that matches you hair tone. Simply fill in your eyebrows if over-plucked or over-arched. Your brow should be thick yet manicured. The highest point of the brow should be about two-thirds of the way out from the beginning of the brow, not in the middle of the brow.The tail of your eyebrow should extend to the corner of your eye, and can be a bit longer. Always brush your brows upward at a 45 degree angle to open up the eye.

13. Dress wisely:

Young woman choose clothes in wardrobe at home

1. Wearing clothing that is ill-fitted and too big instantly adds age. Always choose fitted clothing over shapeless items.

2. Don’t hide or cover your neck. V-necks are the most youthful and flattering neckline.

3. Shop for comfort cautiously. Jeans that have too much stretch fiber are not good because they don’t hold their shape and smoothness. Too much stretch can also cause fabric dimples and create an old, saggy look on the body. Look for jeans that have no more than 2% elastane and spandex, the rest needs to be cotton.

5. Bright and rich colors will take years off your look instantly, especially when near the face. Black is great to make you look slim. You can add color, youth and flair with scarfs, jewelry and accessories.


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