10 Tips To Wash Face In A Right Way For Beautiful Skin

Washing face is one simple habit for all of us. We do it at least 2-3 times daily. We take care to use best soaps or face washes for our face. But are you washing your face in the right way? Whats the proper or improper thing in washing face and what are the effects on skin? washing face

Here are a few tips to wash face in a right way for beautiful skin. These simple tips can keep your skin glowing and healthy.

1. Wash your hands before touching face:

Before you start washing your face, never forget to wash your hands with a gentle soap. Rinse thoroughly and then proceed to wash your face. Otherwise you will simply transfer all the dirt and germs from your palms to the sensitive facial skin.

2. Never use bar soap on face:avoid-bar-soap

Just to wash your face or while you bath, never use bar soap on your face. This is the most important rule to keep your face younger looking. Bar soaps are very harsh and are not suitable for the facial skin. Instead, use a gentle face wash from a good brand 2-3 times a day.

3. Do not over wash your face:

Sometimes you feel your skin is greasy or you may have acne break outs. You may want to over wash your face to keep it clean. But this is one common mistake almost every one does. Never over wash your face as it dries out the skin and cause more sebum production. It also damages the skin and ages it faster.

4. Be gentle and slow:Soapy foam and woman's hands

Never be in a hurry while washing your face. Put a small amount of face wash on wet palm and workout a rich lather. Apply over the face and neck. Spend at least 2 minutes, your skin needs it. Show some love to your face and don’t forget your neck.

5. Remove makeup before you wash your face:

Most facial cleansers cannot remove your makeup. Always use makeup remover to clean the makeup from deep inside the pores. Once all the makeup is completely removed then proceed with washing your face.

6. Check the temperature of water:

If the temperature of water is too hot, it can burn the skin and cause redness. Hot water washes away all the essential oils from the skin and also ages the skin faster. Too hot or too cold water is harsh on skin and may cause broken capillaries over the face.

7. Do not scrub too hard:facewash beautiful skin

If you scrub harder, the sensitive facial skin gets damaged easily. This can harm the collagen and cause ageing of the skin. Be gentle and leisure while you scrub or rub your skin while washing.

8.Keep your wash cloth clean:

It is also important to keep your wash cloth clean. Be sure to wash it properly and sun dry it if possible. Use a mild detergent to wash the cloth and use an antiseptic liquid after washing. Be sure to rinse it with plenty of water to remove all the dirt and residues. Use a fresh and clean cloth to dry your face.

9. Use clean water:

After all the care you take to choose the right products and follow the right rules, if the water is dirty and loaded with bacteria or fungus, it causes no good to your skin. Use clean and fresh water to keep your skin free from bacteria.

10. Pat dry your face:pat dry face

Do not rub the face to wipe. It can damage the elasticity of the skin. Be as gentle as you can while you wipe your face. Always pat dry gently to remove the excess wetness from the face.


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