10 Things Of Beauty To Remember In 2015

when we take the time to pamper ourselves, we will be able to handle stress more easily and generally have a great life. Resolutions are actually exaggerated.. not put into practice, as they are not so fun to keep doing. But beauty resolutions are often fun and relaxing practically.

Here are some easy to follow beauty resolutions that are really achievable and make you feel spectacular:

1) Give Your Body Some Extra Tender Loving Care:pamper-skin

Most of the days are filled with stress. Pretend that your body is a friend or soul mate, who had a rough day, and give it some extra loving.  Try a therapeutic bath with essential oils. Massage your body with your favorite essential oil at least once a week before shower. Dry brush your body at least once a week before shower for super soft skin. Use moisture rich body lotion daily to bring yourself back to life.

2) Use Face and Hair Masks:woman-putting-on-green-face-mask-home

Hair and face masks are perfect ways to pamper. They offer both immediate and long lasting results. Use hair repairing masks or deep conditioning masks at least twice a week. Try homemade masks to avoid chemicals. Use face masks with clarifying, brightening, and hydrating formulas alternatively, instead of using same kind of mask always. Look for vitamin enriched face masks for better results.

3) Invest in Facial Kits:sara-500-nano-24k-radiance-gold-facial-kit

Facial kits are a must for your beauty regimen. They help to get rid of skin impurities and dead skin cells. A natural glow is renewed on each use. It is simple to use at home by just following the instructions. Using facial kits at least three times a month will keep the face radiant and young.

4) Try New Make-up:woman make up

Try the red lipsticks and ditch your basic black eyeliner. Venture outside your normal make-up routine and try something new. Look new and bold instead of appearing the same always. Do it perfect and get ready for the compliments. If you always wear red lipstick, try enhancing your eyes instead. If that is too far outside your scarlet comfort zone, try a berry or Bordeaux lip shade. You might be pleasantly surprised with the change.

5) Give Exfoliation the first priority: exfoliate

In order to achieve the baby-soft, glowing skin, proper exfoliation is essential. Removing off the dead cells two to three times a week leaves you feeling super refreshed. Exfoliation makes the skin drink sufficient moisturizers or serums, making it supple and radiant. Ageing will be prevented to a great extent. Try good exfoliates or homemade natural exfoliates and use before bed time. Follow up with a good moisturizer or serum. Also exfoliate before using face mask or facial for better results.

6) Figure Out What Colors Suit You:BeautydelaMerSkinTones

Makeup shopping is extremely overwhelming. If you know what works for you, it can be that much faster. Figure out whether you have warm, cool or neutral undertone, so that you can pick up any shaded lipstick, eye shade, foundation or blush that suits you best. It’ll save you time and money.

7) Remember Your Sunscreen Everyday:sunscreen

Buy skin-care products with SPF in them. If you have a lazy girl approach to beauty, add a moisturizer with SPF to your shopping list. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out of the house. Sunscreen is a must to be included in your hand bag. Use once in every 3 hours throughout the day. Also invest in best sunscreens that really works.

8) Eat Better:fruits_veggies_fish_and_nuts

Add healthy foods to your menu and make it easy for your body to remove all the toxins and boost your immunity. Eat more and more fresh fruits and vegetables. Make it a habit to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Focus on eating more fish and greens and avoid junk foods this year.

9) Keep Your Phone Very Clean:aduro-magic-mitts-1

This is what is sticking to your cheeks several times day and night and carrying all that goddamn bacteria onto your face. Ever notice zits or pimples in the area where you press your mobile on your face? Cell phones are contaminated with fecal matter that could contain E. coli. This year, start cleaning your mobile screen with disinfectant wipes once in a week. Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe your mobile screen daily.

10) Keep Smiling More: AutumnSmile

Give the world the sunshine it needs with your beautiful smile. Stop being emotional and feeling stress for every simple thing. Just leave behind all those unworthy moments and welcome every minute of your life with a sweet smile. Stay away from stress for your skin’s sake.


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