10 Quick Winter Face Packs

During winters the air is frigid and dry outside. Any kind of indoor heat leaves it even more parched. Your skin’s protective barrier cracks, making it less able to repair itself. Your skin needs more attention during chilled winters. Apart from using more and more moisturizer application, which protects it from getting cracked, your skin also needs special treatments to boost the suppleness and help it heal faster.



Here are 10 quick winter face packs that can make your skin fresh and shiny in a jiffy:-

Papaya face pack – Remove the skin of a piece of ripe papaya and mash it. Apply to your face and rinse off after ten minutes with cold water.

Grape face pack – Mash a few black or red grapes into a pulp. Apply the juicy extract on the face and leave for at  least 15 minutes. Then rinse off.grape face pack

Milk cream mask – Collect fresh cream from the milk and mash it well to make it a bit smoother. Apply on the face and leave for about ten minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and wipe with a clean wet sponge to remove excess oiliness. The residue works as a great moisturizer and makes the skin supple over night. This face pack is also good to remove skin discoloration. Use at least twice a week at night.

Coconut milk face mask – Grate a fresh coconut and grind it with very little water to extract thick milk. Spread it on the face for fifteen minutes for best results, rinse face with cold water. Store the remaining coconut milk to mix it in bath water or to use it as face pack the next day.


Avocado face mask – Mash a piece of avocado and spread it on the face and neck. Leave for at least 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.


Honey face pack – Honey is a good face pack for the winter skin. It makes the skin soft  by removing dryness. Mix honey in any other face pack you prepare or spread just a little honey over the face and neck, leave for few minutes and rinse.

Aloe gel mask – Apply freshly extracted Aloe Vera juice over the skin and leave for at least 15 minutes. Aloe Vera is a good moisturizer and makes the skin glowing.


Strawberry face pack – Mash ripe strawberries and add a little honey to the pulp. Apply this over the face and neck. Leave for at least 10 minutes and wash with cold water.


Almond oil sandalwood face pack –  Mix a little almond oil in sandal powder to make it a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the face and leave for at least 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.sandal face pack

Banana face mask – Mash a ripe banana and mix a little honey in it. Apply over the face and leave for at least 10 minutes and rinse with cold water.



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