10 Best Hairstyles for Traditional Sarees

Saree is an ever-trendy Indian garment for all special occasions. When you compliment your saree with traditional or contemporary jewelry, accessories, appropriate footwear and especially a gorgeous hair-do, your stunning looks in your special saree on the special occasion will multiply. Leaving  hair down is a perfect match to a saree though there are times you want to look more unique and classically beautiful. Scroll down to see 10 best hairstyles for traditional sarees.

1. Classic Bun with Flowers

Classic Bun with Flowers

Classic buns or chignons are perfect for wedding occasions or any traditional events. Buns give you a more decent and more traditional appearance. Neatly done low bun tied almost nearly at the nape of the neck, decorated with beautiful flowers is perfect for an ethnic Indian diva to sport with a traditional saree.


Deepika Padukone in Flower Bun Hairstyle

2. Plait with Flowers

Braid with Flowers

Indian plaits are a simple and most traditional hair style usually teamed up with sarees. There are several options in embellishing the braided hairstyle for sarees. You can either use flowers or hair accessories.This simple plait can be styled in different varieties and best suits for traditional silk sarees. This hair style is best suited for long thick hair.


3. Side Swept Curls

Trisha Krishnan’s Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

A side-swept wavy hair is a statement hair styling choice that will look great and at the same time easy to do yourself.  First curl your hair using a curling rod. Sweep hair to one side and secure back of the hair with bobby pins or hair accessories. Finish with medium hold hairspray. Hair must reach at least slightly beyond the shoulders for the side-swept style. Large jhumkas give a perfect traditional look with this hair style.

Side Swept Curls Hairstyle

4. FishTail Braid Hairstyle

Experiment with different fish-tail braids for the look you want. Fish tail braids can be done in different varieties. These hair styles give you a trendy chic appearance.

Fishtail Braid for Traditional Sarees

6. Side Braid Hairstyle




The side braid is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Brush your hair to whichever side you prefer and then braid it in your favourite style or choose a new type of braid to change up your regular look. There are lots of different types of braids to choose from, like the Fishtail, Dutch or French braids for example. Leave few strands of hair or style up with bangs to add an air of romance to your side braid.


7. Loose Waves/Curls Hairstyle

Loose Curls

Loosely done waves or curls look bouncy with a full volume. Further layering makes the hair look more in volume. Neatly cut layers by a stylist with voluminous curls or waves, teamed up with a saree is all that makes you look more glamorous.Try to maintain the natural curls of your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, you could still curl/wave it using an iron. Carefully blow drying the hair in sections makes the hair look even more bouncy. You will look gorgeous when you sport this style by letting either or both sides fall on your shoulders.


8. Elegant Updo Hairstyles


Hair-do’s like puffed bun will give you a vintage princess-like looks. This will offer you a very rich appearance for weddings or any special events. You can create this look by puffing your hair up a bit and using pins and clips to hold it in place. To give it a more puffed up look, you could use a boostias, bumpits or puffs which would give a hair a lift. While doing this hairstyle, comb out your hair and untangle them so that they give a neat look. Use hair spray to hold the hair style in it’s place for a longer time.


9. Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

This is the most easiest hairstyle. You can simply pin up half hair up while leaving half hair down. Or you can have a half hair weaved up into french pattern and pinned up. Create bouncy waves or just leave the hair super straight and either of them perfectly go with your saree. Hair accessories embellished with sparkling stones add attraction to this simple hair style. It suits almost for any one and is a best choice when you are in a hurry.


10. Messy Bun Hairstyles

Messy Bun Hairstyle

Messy buns look great with twists and waves. Curl or create waves starting from the center of your hair, while you leave the upper half straight.Twist the hair on the sides and bring it back. Tie the hair into a bun at the nape of the neck. Secure with pins and accessorize. Keep it as casual as you can for that chic style. Leave curly bangs on the forehead and on the sides.


Sarees are flexible and any hair style can just go with a saree if neatly done. Even a simple puffed pony tail with a jeweled hair clip will look great with saree and can be very easily done. Don’t worry if you have short hair length. Just try leaving your hair pin straight or wavy and it suits well to a traditional saree.



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