10 Best Hair Straighteners Available in India

It is always important to invest on a good flat iron since you are going to use it for over years and years. Choose a flat iron that includes adjustable heat settings, is made with ceramic, titanium or tourmaline, and is about 1-inch wide. Here’s a list of 10 best hair straighteners or flat irons available in India.


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Best Hair Straighteners Available In INDIA:


1) Remington S2002 Hair Straightener (BUY THIS)remington

The ceramic plates of this hair straightener make your hair smooth and shiny. In addition, they help the straightener glide through your hair with ease. Equipped with a temperature regulator, this hair straightener allows you to pick the temperature which best suits your hair type. As this hair straightener has slim plates, you can straighten and style your hair in sections and make it look flawless. Price Rs.1600 on Flipkart.

Flipkart Rs. 2899 (BUY HERE)
Amazon Rs. 1950 (BUY HERE)

2) Philips SalonStraight Active ION (BUY THIS)philips-hair-straightener-1

Philips SalonStraight Active Ion Hair Straightener is a really good hair styling iron. It takes about 10mins to do medium length hair and comes with ceramic plates, temperature control and plates lock. Its easily available to buy online on Flipkart and Amazon India.

Amazon Rs.2,190  (BUY HERE)
Flipkart Rs. 1845 (BUY HERE)


3) Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener (BUY THIS)panasonic ehhw

Ceramic coated plates With ceramic coated plates, this hair straightener leave your hair shiny and smooth even after you subject it to heat. With regulated heat patterns, this hair straightener makes sure that you are allowed to choose the right heat setting for your hair type. Offering a 200° C temperature control, this hair straightener makes sure you are left with straightened tresses even if you happen to have tight curls. The temperature makes sure that you can style your hair comfortably without causing any damage to it. Price ranges from Rs. 1300 to Rs.1600.

Amazon Rs.1450 (BUY HERE)
Flipkart Rs. 1450 (BUY HERE)


4) Philips HP8309/HP 8303 Hair Straighteners (BUY THIS)

Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener

These Philips Hair Straighteners could be your ideal styling tool if you desire to have straight and shiny hair. The ceramic coat is capable of retaining and distributing heat evenly, leading to quick and efficient results. With the ceramic coated plates, you can get sleek and straight hair without breaking or damaging your delicate hair strands. The Philips flat irons accommodates up to 210 degree celsius of temperature, delivering high temperature heating that results in salon-like straight hair.

Flipkart Rs. 1199 (BUY HERE)

Amazon Rs.1735 (BUY HERE)

5) Philips Kerashine HP8316/00 Hair Straigthener (BUY THIS)


HP8316_00-RTP-global-001This product has a ceramic coating and there is keratin infused in it. When you apply it, it activates the keratin naturally present in your hair and makes it shine naturally. The keratin is then sealed and protected by closing the cuticles through the heat generated by the ceramic coating. This straightener is also equipped with Ionic Care technology, thus ensuring that your hair is not tangled.

Nykaa Rs. 2560 (BUY HERE)
Flipkart Rs. 2449 (BUY HERE)
Amazon Rs.2549 (BUY HERE)

6) Philips Kerashine HP8317/00 Hair Straigthener (BUY THIS)



This straightener with ionic technology, jojoba oil, and keratin coating will help you get the beautiful hair and style you want in less time. The extra large plates have been designed for thick or long hair and to minimize damage. For maximum shine, the ceramic plates have been infused with natural and heat-resistant Jojoba oil. Keratin infused ceramic plates ensure ultimate shine and ultra smooth gliding.

Amazon Rs.2584 (BUY THIS)
Flipkart Rs. 2899 (BUY THIS)

7) Nova Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener (BUY THIS)

Straighten and style any type of hair with variable temperature settings and Infused ceramic plates for gorgeous sheen, smooth edges and perfect straight hair. Temperature Range: 160-220; Heat Up Time: 30 Sec

8) Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener (BUY THIS)



Straighten and style your hair with this easy to use Philips Selfie hair straightener. With SilkPro Care technology and advanced ceramic coating, plates smoother than silk resulting in less heat exposure and minimal friction. 210°C professional styling temperature gives you that perfect look like you’ve just come from the salon.

Nykaa Rs. 1230 (BUY HERE)
Amazon Rs. 1099 (BUY HERE)
Flipkart Rs. 1199 (BUY HERE)

9) Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener (BUY THIS)

This Hair Straightener From Kemei is infused with ceramic plates and gives you Salon-Like sleek and straight hair without having to put them through blow-drying. You Can Operate This Device At Four Different Levels Of Temperatures. The Long Swivel Cord Ensures Flexibility As Well As Ease And Comfort While Using This Appliance.

10) Flipkart SmartBuy Hair Straightener with Temperature Control. (BUY HERE)

Equipped with smart light indicators, ceramic plates that heat up instantly and a tangle-free cord, this hair straightener from Flipkart SmartBuy is your ideal styling tool to get silky smooth straight hair. With a fast heating time of up to 60 seconds, this straightener offers salon-like results without taking too much of your time.

All that gorgeous satin-shine hair is yours when you have a right tool. Choose intelligently and enjoy your silky hair without causing damage.




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