10 Best Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Face mask on ladies

A glowing healthy face is something every girl wants, no matter the age. But for the sun, changing weather, dust and pollution which end up playing havoc with our skin. Fortunately, the market has a wide range of indian face packs which play the role of your best friend, when you desperately need help.

Yes, there are face masks for bright skin, face packs for acne, skin whitening face mask and face packs for removing tan. So let’s get started by choosing indian face packs that will never let you down.

  1. VLCC Mud Face Pack (BUY HERE or HERE)

Suitable for all skin types, VLCC Mud Face Pack cleanses, firms and brightens up skin. Moreover, it is enriched with turmeric extract and mint oil. The consistency is fine – neither too dry, nor too watery. Leaves skin refreshed and smooth.

vlcc mud pack


2. VLCC Clear Tan Fruits Face Pack (BUY HERE or HERE)

This skin whitening face mask has skin lightening properties that improve complexion. Thereby leaving skin supple and glowing. It is blessed with natural fruit extracts of cucumber, mulberry and pineapple.

vlcc clear tan fruit pack

3. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening And Depigmentation Face Pack (BUY HERE or HERE)

What does it feel to be treated with a blend of the jucies of tomato, pineapple, papaya and lemon? Lusicous, na! Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening And Depigmentation Face Pack is very effective as skin whitening face mask. Try it out and you will know the difference.biotique bio fruit whitening face pack4. Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Skin Tightening Face Pack (BUY HERE or HERE)

Meant for all skin types, Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack is packed with gold dust, shimmer, plaster of paris, fullers earth, calamine, soya beej, ashwagandha, gurhal pushp, babul gondha, sudh gairika and sanjirahatto to give you flawless skin. This face packs online gives an instant glow to your skin.


5. Forest Essentials Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan (BUY HERE )  

For those of you who are battling oily skin, there is Forest Essentials Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan face packs for acne. 100% pure it not only does deep cleansing, it also keeps acne at bay.    

forest-essentials-50-multani-mitti-facial-ubtan6. Jovees Wheatgerm and Carrot Anti Tanpack (BUY HERE or HERE)

The specialty of this face packs for removing tan is the hydrated herbs in it that prevent skin from tanning and discoloration. Quite effective this indian face pack is.


7. Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack (BUY HERE)

Whether it is lines, wrinkles or skin pigmentation, Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack is one such indian face packs that provides instant face lift. This face pack is ideal for women aged 35 years and above. It revives dehydrated skin, cleanses unwanted skin oils and closes the pores making the skin toned and smooth.

Blossom Kochchar8. Himalaya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Pack (BUY HERE or HERE)

With turmeric, saffron, walnut and Indian aloe, Himalaya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Pack knows how to make a fairer you. This popular indian face packs enhances skin complexion and elasticity pretty well.

Himalaya Kesar Face Pack

9. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack (BUY HERE)

The goodness of Neem, Fulller’s Earth and Turmeric, Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack cleans clogged pores and prevents the return of pimples. Neem Oil in this indian face packs relieves you from dry skin, and prevents redness and skin irritation.

Himalaya Neem Pack

10. Lotus Herbals Clay White Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack (BUY HERE or HERE)

Reap the benefits of black clay which improves facial complexion, and bearberry extract, arbutin and liquorice extract that lighten facial complexion.

lotus herbals

So tell us which of the skin brightening and skin tightening face packs you are going to go for.



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